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Petsmart Flyer

Valid from 08-28 to 10-01

Take advantage of this Petsmart Flyer with current offers for another 5 days days. Discover the latest Petsmart offers and save on your purchases.

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Petsmart Flyer

Valid from 08-28 to 10-01

Take advantage of this Petsmart Flyer with current offers for another 5 days days. Discover the latest Petsmart offers and save on your purchases.

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Petsmart Flyer

Valid from 01-28 to 10-01

Take advantage of this Petsmart Flyer with current offers for another 5 days days. Discover the latest Petsmart offers and save on your purchases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current deals in the Petsmart flyer?

The current deals in the Petsmart flyer change weekly. Some popular deals this week are: Arm & Hammer Cat Litter, Blue Bursts & Blue Wilderness Cat Treats, and Great Choice Multi-cat Cat Litter. To discover the most recent deals, consult the latest Petsmart flyer on this page. Visit our website regularly to stay informed about the newest flyers and promotions.

Where can I find the latest Petsmart flyer?

The most recent Petsmart flyer is readily accessible on this page. Here, you'll have access to the new flyer, which is packed with all of the latest deals and promotions. Be sure to check out the Petsmart flyer for this week, Petsmart flyer for next week, and the Petsmart flyer from last week.

How can I view the latest Petsmart flyer?

You can view the latest Petsmart flyer by regularly visiting this page. Here, you will find the most recent flyer, which you can browse to discover all the current deals and promotions.

Can I view the Petsmart flyer online?

Yes, you can easily view the Petsmart flyer online on our website Here, you can quickly and easily find the latest Petsmart flyer and browse it to stay informed about all ongoing deals and promotions.

How long are the deals in the Petsmart flyer valid?

The deals in the Petsmart flyer are generally valid for one week. The start and end dates of the deals are mentioned in the flyer. The current flyer is valid from 2023-08-28 to 2023-10-01. Please note that some deals may only be valid for a few days or while supplies last. Consult the flyer to ensure you don't miss any deals.

How often are new Petsmart flyers and deals released?

New Petsmart flyers and deals are usually released weekly, with a new flyer starting on 2023-08-28 and running until 2023-10-01. Keep in mind that some special events or holidays may have additional flyers and deals. Be sure to visit our website regularly to stay informed about the latest flyers and deals.

How can I subscribe to the Petsmart flyer?

To subscribe to the Petsmart flyer, go to the Petsmart page on and click on the 'Subscribe' or 'Sign up for our newsletter' button. Enter your email address and follow the instructions in the confirmation email to complete your subscription. You will then receive the latest Petsmart flyer and deals directly in your inbox every week.

How can I find my nearest Petsmart branch?

To find your nearest Petsmart branch, go to the store locator on the Petsmart page of Enter your postal code or city and click on 'Search'. The nearest stores and their contact information will be displayed on the map and in the list.

Where can I find the opening hours of my local Petsmart store?

You can find the opening hours of your local Petsmart store on the Petsmart page of Locate your nearest branch using the store locator and click on the store's name. The opening hours, contact information, and other relevant details will be displayed on the store's detail page.

Can I also find the Petsmart flyer in the store?

Yes, you can usually find the Petsmart flyer in the store as well. Paper copies of the latest flyer are often available at the store entrance or customer service desk. However, please note that the availability of the paper flyer may vary by store. For the most current and comprehensive overview of deals and flyers, visit our website

Can I order the Petsmart deals online?

Yes, you can order the Petsmart deals online. Visit the official Petsmart website and select the products you want to purchase from the deals flyers. Add them to your shopping cart and complete the checkout process to take advantage of the discounts.

Are the deals and flyers valid in all Petsmart branches?

The deals and flyers are generally valid in all Petsmart branches. However, some deals may be limited to specific locations or online shopping. Check the flyer or the Petsmart website for the validity and any restrictions of the deals.

How can I stay informed about future Petsmart deals and promotions?

You can sign up for the Petsmart newsletter to stay informed about future deals and promotions. Visit the Petsmart website and sign up with your email address. You will receive regular updates with the latest deals, flyers, and other promotions.

How can I contact the Petsmart customer service for questions about deals and flyers?

If you have questions about deals and flyers, you can contact the Petsmart customer service. Visit the Petsmart website and look for the contact page, where you can find the contact information and opening hours of the customer service. You can also use the live chat feature if available.

Are there any limitations on the quantity of products I can buy during a promotion?

Some promotions may have limitations on the quantity of products you can buy. These limitations are usually mentioned in the flyer or on the Petsmart website. It is important to check the terms of each promotion to know if any restrictions apply.

How can I use deals from the Petsmart flyer when shopping online?

To use deals from the Petsmart flyer when shopping online, visit the Petsmart website and search for the products from the flyer you want to purchase. Add the products to your shopping cart, and the discounts will be automatically applied during the checkout process. Make sure the deals are valid for online shopping and check the validity period of the promotion.

Petsmart discount tips

Weekly Ad

Petsmart sometimes releases local ads or flyers to tell shoppers about its newest products, promos, and special offers. Taking a look through these flyers is a really quick and simple way to keep yourself informed with the latest developments and sales news from your nearest Petsmart store. Fortunately, you can find all of the latest flyers, brochures, and local ads right here at, so check back at our Petsmart page regularly to avoid missing out on any updates.


Another really smart way to stay informed about Petsmart offers and promos is to make sure you're signed up to receive emails from this brand. So, how do you do this? It's really simple. All you have to do is make a Petsmart account at the official Petsmart site. You'll have to provide some basic info to make your account, and once you're signed up, Petsmart will start to regularly email you about exclusive offers, in-store events, and other interesting information.

Weekly Promotions

Petsmart is one of the leading pet store chains in all of North America, and it achieved that status by providing some of the best buys and most enticing deals around. Each week, shoppers can expect to find new special offers in their local Petsmart store and at the Petsmart website. These offers can include price cuts on pet food and treats, and so much more.

Rewards Program

Another great way to save money when you shop at Petsmart is to make sure you're signed up for the store's very own rewards program, known as Treats. As a member of the Treats program, you'll be able to earn reward points every time you shop in store or online, as well as when you make donations to Petsmart charities. You'll get a bonus treat for your pet on their birthday, access to exclusive offers, and the ability to redeem your points to get money off your favorite products.

Own Brands

Petsmart sells a very broad range of pet-related products from dozens of leading pet brands, but you might want to know if this store has any of its own exclusive brands. Well, Petsmart does indeed have a few of its own brands, which include Authority, Only Natural Pet, and Simply Nourish for dog and cat food, as well as the likes of Thrive, Full Cheeks, Whisker City, Joy Hound, and Top Paw.

Sunday Shopping

Does Petsmart open on Sundays? And what time does Petsmart open on Sunday? We get a lot of people asking questions like these, and the truth of the matter is that it all depends. Since Petsmart has so many stores, specific opening dates and times can vary from one location to the next, and that’s why it’s always a good idea to check out the latest opening time information for your nearest store, which you can do on our overview page.


Petsmart is one of the largest pet-related retail chains in the world today. It's the biggest one in North America and, according to the latest count, it has more than 1,600 stores all across North America in the US and Canada. Stores may vary in terms of their size and product selection, but are all generally quite similar. You can use our overview page to find your nearest store and see exactly where it is and when it opens.

Popular Products

So, what can you expect to buy at your local Petsmart store? Well, as the name suggests, Petsmart is all about pets. It's one of the world's biggest chains of pet product superstores, and you can find all things pet-related in Petsmart. This includes the likes of pet food, pet toys, pet accessories, pet supplies, and even actual small pets such as hamsters and mice. Petsmart stores also provide additional services like dog grooming and boarding, as well as some veterinary care, and you can speak with Petsmart staff to get advice and recommendations on the best items to buy for your pet.

Opening Hours

Want to find out more about when your local Petsmart is open? Well, these stores are usually open every day of the week from morning until evening, but specific times may vary depending on your location and the time of year - during the holidays, for example, some Petsmart stores may close earlier. Use our overview page to find out when your nearest Petsmart is open.


With more than 1,600 stores in North America, Petsmart is one of the biggest employers in the North American pet industry. If you love animals or want to break into the retail world, you might like to apply for a job at Petsmart. This is easily done via the Petsmart website; simply find the Careers tab and click on it to view vacancies in your area.