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Canada Computers & Electronics is one of the best stores to choose in Canada for all your tech needs, selling computers, laptops, video game consoles, and much more. Often, this store releases flyers to show off its latest deals and discounts as a way to tempt shoppers into stores, and you can find the latest Canada Computers & Electronics flyers on this page at We upload and share new Canada Computers & Electronics flyers as soon as they come out, making it quick, easy, and convenient for you to find out about amazing deals on high-end gaming PCs and laptops.


It's always a good idea to sign up for the newsletters of stores that you love, as this allows you to stay informed and up to date regarding sales events, special promos, and interesting new product launches. Canada Computers & Electronics has its own newsletter, and it's free and easy to sign up over on the Canada Computers & Electronics website. Just go to the home page and scroll down until you see a small box where you can type in your email address. Once you've done that, hit the Subscribe button to confirm your subscription, and then simply wait for your first newsletter to arrive.

Weekly Promotions

One of the big reasons why so many people choose to shop at Canada Computers & Electronics for all their computing and technological needs is because of this store's amazing weekly promos. There are lots of exciting and enticing deals to be found at Canada Computers & Electronics every single week, including price cuts on computers and laptops, special discounts on video game accessories, and great prices on computing accessories, such as speakers, printers, and headphones, too. You can view the latest Canada Computers & Electronics to see new deals as soon as they're released, or browse the sale section of the Canada Computers & Electronics website.

Bundle & Save

Another great way to save some cash when you shop at Canada Computers & Electronics is to take advantage of this store's 'Bundle & Save' deals. Canada Computers & Electronics often bundles items together and gives you a great price for the full package, letting you get more items at a cheaper cost than you would have paid if you bought them all separately. Examples of bundle deals might include a new video game console and controllers, for example, or graphics card and processor combinations. You can find all the latest bundle deals in the Bundle & Save section of the Canada Computers & Electronics website.

Own Brands

In terms of brands, Canada Computers & Electronics does't have any of its own unique or exclusive brands, but it does stock products from all of the best companies in the world of computers, video games, and tech supplies. You can find computing accessories and components from the likes of Intel and Nvidia, for example, as well as video game systems from Sony and Microsoft or laptops from HP and MSI. Lenovo, LG, Nintendo, Sony, Asus, Samsung, and Huawai are just some of the other featured brands at Canada Computers & Electronics.

Sunday Shopping

Interested in doing some Sunday shopping for a new computer or other tech products at Canada Computers & Electronics? If so, you’re in luck, as Canada Computers & Electronics are almost always open on Sundays from morning to early in the evening. However, the precise opening times of each store can vary, and some might close a little earlier than others, so make sure to check via the Canada Computers & Electronics before you head out.


Canada Computers & Electronics started off small, like most other retail chains across Canada, but it has since grown into a huge brand, with around 40 locations in total. You can find Canada Computers & Electronics stores in British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario, and Halifax, giving you lots of options to choose from. Head to the Store Locator page on the Canada Computers & Electronics website to learn more about your nearest location.

Popular Products

Wondering what you can buy at Canada Computers & Electronics? Well, as the name of the store suggests, this is one of the best places to shop for computers, as well as laptops and computer components like graphics cards, sound cards, monitors, processors, computer cases, and power supplies. Canada Computers & Electronics also sells items like routers, headsets, SSDs, speakers, printers, and other tech products like video game consoles and smart home devices.

Opening Hours

What time is Canada Computers & Electronics open for business? Well, that depends on which store you're visiting. Usual opening hours for Canada Computers & Electronics tend to be from around 10am to 8pm, but hours can vary from store to store and may change depending on the day of the week, as stores tend to close earlier at weekends, for example. View the Store Locator page on the Canada Computers website to learn more.


If you’ve got a passion for technology and would like to work at Canada Computers & Electronics, you should head to the Careers section of the brand’s website. There, you can learn all about any possible vacancies that might interest you. You can also hand in a resume or application at a store near you.