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Weekly Ad

Toys R Us often releases flyers and leaflets to inform shoppers about new product launches, exciting sales events, and interesting discounts on toys and games. You can find a lot of useful information by scanning through the latest Toys R Us flyer, and is the place to be. Whenever a new Toys R Us weekly ad or other promotional material is released, we upload and share it right here. You can simply click and scroll through each new flyer or brochure.


Like many other big retail chains, Toys R Us also has email newsletters that it sends out to countless subscribers all over North America and beyond. These newsletters are filled with interesting information about your local Toys R Us store, with details on new product releases, promotional offers, and so on. To sign up for the Toys R Us newsletter, just enter your email address on the company’s official website or make an online Toys R Us account.

Weekly Promotions

One of the reasons why so many kids and adults alike adore Toys R Us is because of the amazing deals and discounts this store has to offer across a gigantic range of children’s products. Whether you’re shopping for dolls, action figures, video games, or more, Toys R Us has plenty of weekly promos and other ways to help you save. Visit the Toys R Us website, check out the new flyer, or head over to your local Toys R Us store to find out more.

Online Offers

As well as selling thousands of great products in its physical stores all over the world, Toys R Us also has its own online stores, serving various markets, like the US and Canada. What’s more, the official Toys R Us online store actually has exclusive offers that you might not be able to find in every store, like unique prices on certain products. Plus, you can often qualify for free shipping at Toys R Us’ website, if you spend a certain amount. So, if you’re planning to make a purchase from Toys R Us, it’s worth checking out the store’s website before visiting a physical location.

Own Brands

So, what kinds of brands can you expect to find in a typical Toys R Us store? Well, this store stocks and sells toys and kids’ goods from some of the biggest kid-related brands in the world. Examples include toy brands like Barbie and Fisher Price, as well as other popular kids' brands like Lego, Marvel, My Little Pony, PAW Patrol, Star Wars, Disney, Hot Wheels, and much, much more.

Sunday Shopping

Planning a Sunday shopping trip to Toys R Us? Before you set off, you might like to know whether or not Toys R Us is open for Sunday shopping. Fortunately, we’re happy to report that Toys R Us stores should always be open on Sundays, from morning until evening, giving you plenty of time to shop around and find the fun items to please your little ones. However, specific store opening times can vary, so make sure to verify when your nearest store is open before you go.


first Toys R Us opened its doors way back in 1957 in Rockville, Maryland. Since then, the brand has grown enormously and expanded all over the world, with stores in many different locations. A lot of the big stores closed down the latter part of the 2010s, but Toys R Us has since come back, with smaller stores in Macy's in the US and dozens of stores still in Canada, among other countries. Head to the Toys R Us site for your region to find your nearest location.

Popular Products

As the name states, Toys R Us is one of the best stores to choose for toys. This store specializes in all of the things that make kids happy, from exciting action figures and lifelike dolls to board games, video games, and backyard play equipment. There's also an extensive selection of baby-friendly toys and products in Toys R Us stores and online, as well as kids' clothing and accessories.

Opening Hours

When is Toys R Us open? Do Toys R Us stores close for the holidays? These are just some of the questions we get asked a lot about this particular chain of toy stores. Well, the truth of the matter is that most Toys R Us locations are open every day of the week, all year long, from morning until night. However, the precise opening times of your local store may vary, so make sure to verify when it opens before you go to avoid any disappointment.


With so many stores across the globe, Toys R Us is a big employer in the toy and children’s products industry. Anyone with a love of kids or a passion for retail might like to consider working as part of this great chain. You can visit the official Toys R Us site and then click on Jobs to find out about possible vacancies near you.