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M&M Food Market discount tips

Weekly Ad

The M&M Food Market flyer comes out each week. In this flyer, you’ll find lots of detailed information about new deals and discounts at M&M Food Market. This can include lower-than-usual prices on frozen meals, discounts on meat products, bonus offers for M&M Rewards members, and so on. Often, the M&M Food Market weekly flyer also contains information about some of the store's most popular products. You can always find the latest flyer right here at 1flyers.com.

Newsletter and Mobile App

Another great way to make sure you remain informed and up-to-date regarding all the latest news, product launches, discounts, and deals at M&M Food Market is to either sign up for the email newsletter or download the mobile app (or both!). To get the newsletter, you simply have to share your email address with the M&M Food Market website. Or, you can download the mobile app to your Android or iOS device and open it up at any time to learn about interesting deals and offers at an M&M Food Market store near you.

Weekly Promotions

In order to draw customers into its stores and keep up with the competition, M&M Food Market has a range of weekly sales across its product range. This store regularly cuts down the costs of many of its products, and if you need to stock up on a range of frozen foods, it’s a good idea to be aware and informed on the latest deals in your local M&M Food Market store. You can find out all about the brand new deals via the newsletter, app, official M&M Food Market, or the latest flyer.

Rewards Program

Like many other grocery stores across Canada, M&M Food Market also has is own rewards program. Entitled M&M Rewards, this program is free to sign up for and gives you a range of benefits, including the ability to save reward points every time you shop at M&M Food Market, as well as access to exclusive M&M Food Market Members deals. You can easily sign up over at the M&M Food Market website, or speak to staff in your local store to learn more about how the program works.

Seniors' Day

Looking for another great way to save money when shopping for frozen groceries at M&M Food Market? Well, if you're aged 60 years or older, you can take advantage of M&M Food Market's exclusive "Seniors' Day" special offer. With this offer, all shoppers aged 60 and above can get an extra 10% of all regular priced items when shopping online. This is a great way to cut down the cost of your weekly grocery bill, and all you have to do is provide proof of age.

Own Brands

While many grocery stores around Canada offer a wide range of products from lots of different bands, M&M Food Market does things differently. When you shop at this store, you'll find that all of the products are sold under the original M&M Food Market brand. So, it doesn't matter whether you're buying party food and appetizers like Beef Empanada Bites or sweet treats like Mini Chocolate Peanut Butter Cakes, everything will be part of M&M Food Market's own brand range.

Sunday Shopping

Does M&M Food Market open on Sundays? What time is M&M Food Market open this Sunday? We often have people asking these kinds of questions, and the truth of the matter is that opening times and opening days for M&M Food Market locations can vary depending on where you live and where your nearest store happens to be. If you’d like to shop at M&M Food Market on a Sunday, make sure to check the precise opening times for your local branch over on our overview page.


According to the latest figures, there are more than 300 M&M Food Market locations in Canada. The company's headquarters are located in Mississauga in Ontario, but you can find M&M Food Market branches across the whole of Canada, in all ten provinces. And with so many stores to choose from, you’re never too far away from an M&M Food Market. But you might not know exactly where your nearest store happens to be. You can use our overview page to not only find your closest M&M Food Market, but also learn about its opening days and times, too.

Popular Products

M&M Food Market specializes in frozen foods. There's nothing but frozen foods in this store, so you won't be able to shop here for other groceries and household supplies, but it's a great place to find all things frozen, including everything from prepared meals that you simply have to heat up in the microwave, seafood, meat, sides, appetizers, vegetables, gluten-free goods, vegan and vegetarian options, desserts, and more.

Opening Hours

Not sure when your local M&M Food Market is open? If you need any assistance with M&M Food Market store opening times or shopping hours, just visit our overview page. There you can find all the info you need about when your nearest M&M Food Market will be open.


Since M&M Food Market is such a large chain and has locations all over Canada, it creates a lot of jobs for the nation. If you’re looking to work in a supermarket chain, you might like to apply at M&M Food Market. Contact your local store to learn more or visit the careers section of the official M&M Food Market website.