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Weekly Ad

For up-to-date information about deals, discounts, and promotions at Food Basics, don't miss out on the weekly Food Basics flyer. Each week, Food Basics produces a brand new flyer, showing off the best deals in its stores, like discounts and price cuts on meat, fruit, vegetables, and frozen foods. You can find the latest flyers, including English and French versions, here at We update the site regularly with new flyers as soon as they’re released.


Another smart way to keep up-to-date and informed about new Food Basics deals and price cuts is to sign up for the Food Basics newsletter. You can do this by heading to the official Food Basics website and clicking to sign up, then simply entering your email address. Once you’ve done that, Food Basics will start sending its weekly newsletter straight to your email, giving you insider information about new deals and sales in your local Food Basics store.

Weekly Promotions

Just like any other grocery store chain or supermarket brand, Food Basics runs lots of deals and discounts each week in an attempt to lure shoppers into its many stores around the province of Ontario. You can find out about the weekly promos via the flyer or newsletter, or by simply visiting your local Food Basics store and seeing what's available. Shopping with Food Basics' weekly promos is a great way to cut down the cost of your weekly grocery bill.

App Deals

Another amazing way to save money on grocery produces like meat, dairy, olive oil, and frozen goods at Food Basics is to make sure you download the Food Basics app onto your mobile device. The app is free to download, and it actually gives you access to exclusive "Digital Deals", like price cuts on products like flour, chocolate, and more. You can open the app to see the latest deals and coupon codes, pick the ones you want to use, and then simply show the app screen to the cashier when you pay for your products in store to access the discount.

Own Brands

Food Basics sells a wide range of food, drink, and household products from many different brands. Plus, since this company is part of the Metro supermarket family, it also stocks brands from Metro's private labels, like the Personnelle range of personal care products and the Irresistibles selection of premium quality goods, as well as the Selection brand of generic store products. In addition, Food Basics has its own set of in-store brands, like Master Choice for premium goods and Equality for typical store products. Other house brands of Food Basics include Basics for Less economy products, The Baker's Oven baked goods, Great Basics Finds furniture and housewares, Simply Kids baby products like diapers and food, and Simply 1-2-3 health and beauty items.

Sunday Shopping

Is Food Basics open on Sundays? Well, since there are approximately 140 locations of Food Basics dotted all over Ontario, the Sunday opening policy of your local store might be different, depending on where you live. So, if you’re planning a Sunday trip to Food Basics to stock up on groceries and household essentials, make sure to check out our overview page. There, you can locate your nearest store and check on the opening times, including for Sunday shopping.


As stated above, Food Basics has around 140 stores in total, according to the latest figures. And, as an Ontario-exclusive supermarket, all 140 of those stores are situated in the province of Ontario in and around towns and cities like Ottawa, Toronto, London, Hamilton, Mississauga, Brampton, Windsor, and so on. You can use our overview page to find the nearest Food Basics store to your location and view precise information about that store’s opening dates and times.

Popular Products

As a very popular supermarket chain for Ontario residents and visitors, Food Basics is a great place to shop for all of your usual grocery needs. This store sells all kinds of food and drink items, from fruits and fresh vegetables to meat, dairy, candy, and more. It also offers household products like personal care supplies and detergent. Some of the most popular products for sale at Food Basics include the store’s baked goods section and meats.

Opening Hours

Not sure when your local Food Basics is open? Or maybe you want to find out about Food Basics holiday opening times? If so, you can do all of this via our overview page. Simply find your nearest Food Basics store on the overview page to see the latest information about opening times, and don’t forget to check the latest flyer to see what kinds of deals you can find in store.


Like any other supermarket chain, Food Basics employs quite a lot of people to work in various roles, such as cashiers, store clerks, store managers, human resources assistants, and so on. It’s quite a large employer for the province of Ontario, and those looking for jobs in Ontario may want to visit the jobs or careers website for Food Basics to find out about possible vacancies and learn more about working in this popular supermarket chain.