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Like many other grocery store chains and food retailers, Metro releases weekly flyers to let shoppers know about their latest deals, sales, and price cuts. You can view the latest Metro flyer right here at, and we have Metro flyers in both English and French to suit all users. These flyers are really useful for finding out about unmissable deals on Metro products, like meat, cheese, frozen goods, snacks, beer, and more.


If you're interested in knowing more about Metro news, events, promotions, and more, you can sign up for the Metro newsletter. This newsletter is free to sign up for, and you simply have to enter your email address on the Metro website. After that, Metro will automatically send you regular newsletter emails, containing information about new products, details on sales and promos, and more, like recipes or cooking tips.

Weekly Promotions

As one of the top grocery store chains in Canada, Metro runs regular sales, deals, and promos on select products to pass savings on to its customers. You can find out about these deals either by viewing the latest Metro flyer, visiting the Metro website, or stepping into a Metro store in your area. Taking advantage of Metro’s weekly promos is a great way to save money on your regular groceries.

Eat it Tonight Deals

Another way to save at Metro is to utilize the store’s “Eat it Tonight” deals. These deals involve deep discounts on products that are close to their sell-by date, and they’re available in most Metro stores. A lot of frequent Metro shoppers buy products in the Eat it Tonight section when they’re looking for a cheap meal, and this can be a quick and easy way to enjoy some big savings on food products, like meat or ready meals.

Loyalty Programs

Metro also has loyalty programs for shoppers to subscribe to. The loyalty program in your local store may vary, depending on its location. For example, stores in Quebec have the "metro&moi" program, that lets shoppers earn reward points based on money spent in store, and points are converted into reward vouchers you can use to save money on future purchases. Metro stores in Ontario, however, participate in the Air Miles program, where customers can earn miles for every $20 they spend.

Own Brands

Like other grocery stores, Metro has a selection of its own in-store brands, in addition to third-party brands and manufacturers. There are three main Metro brands: Selection, which is the generic store brand, applied to a range of affordable products, as well as Personnelle for pharmacy and personal care products, and Irresistibles for premium-level products.

Sunday Shopping

Is Metro open on Sunday? Well, the answer to that is: it depends. Metro has hundreds of stores all around Ontario and Quebec, and each store has its own opening hours. Even though many stores share similar opening hours, they can vary from one location to the next, and opening hours are always subject to change during holidays or special periods. If you want to know if your local Metro is open on Sundays, simply use our overview page to find your nearest store and read up on the most up-to-date opening hour information.


The latest information shows that Metro currently has more than 300 stores in Canada, with most locations in Quebec and many others in Ontario. Since there are so many Metro grocery stores in Canada, it’s not always simple to find your closest location or know about store opening times. You can use our overview page for Metro to find your nearest Metro branch and learn about when it’s open.

Popular Products

As a grocery store, Metro sells a wide range of different products, mainly specializing in food and drink items like meat, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, juice, water, and so on. The store also sells household essentials like pharmacy products, shampoos and conditioners, personal care items, and laundry detergent. Some of the best-selling items at Metro stores are fruits, veggies, cheese, meat, and frozen goods.

Opening Hours

Want to find out about Metro opening hours near you? Maybe you need to know what time your local Metro is open before you head out for your weekly grocery trip? In any case, you can find out all about accurate and up-to-date Metro opening hours using our overview page. Simply head to the overview section and find your nearest Metro store. From there, you can see exactly what time the store is open.


Metro is a major employer in Ontario and Quebec, with around 90,000 employees, according to recent figures. If you're interested in a job at Metro, you can head to the Careers section of the Metro website and find out about joining the time. It's possible to apply either in-store or online, and there are many jobs and positions available, from in-store workers like cashiers to pharmacy workers, distribution center workers, corporate managers, and so on.