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Want to know all about Thrifty Foods latest discounts and promo offers? If so, you'll want to check out the new Thrifty Foods weekly flyer. Each week, new flyers are shared by the Thrifty Foods team, and we upload them straight to this page at, making it easy and convenient for shoppers to take a look through and learn more about new deals and offers. You never know what you might find in the Thrifty Foods flyer, so open it up and take a look today to see how you can save on your next grocery bill.


If you don’t want to miss out on amazing deals and massive discounts at Thrifty Foods, you’ll definitely want to sign up for this store’s email newsletter. You can this right now at the official Thrifty Foods website. Just go to the homepage and scroll down to the bottom. You should see a box marked Newsletter Signup. Enter your email address into this box and click the button to confirm your subscription. From that moment onward, you’ll start receiving interesting emails from Thrifty Foods to let you know about offers and discounts that might interest you.

Weekly Promotions

In order to keep customers coming back time and time again, Thrifty Foods has a range of weekly promos and price cuts across a vast and varied selection of products. You can find all sorts of discounted items in your local Thrifty Foods store, including everything from grocery essentials like cereal and cheese to more niche products like popcorn and cured meats. Every single week, new products are added to the store’s promotional lineup, giving you even more ways to save. Check out Thrifty Foods’ newest flyer or visit the Thrifty Foods website to learn more.

Social Media

These days, everyone is on social media sites, as well as your favorite brands, businesses, and grocery stores, like Thrifty Foods. In fact, Thrifty Foods has social media accounts on all of the big platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and the store often shows information about discounts or sales events via its social media channels. So, if you want to be aware and informed on Thrifty Foods deals, you might like to start following this store on your social media platforms of choice.

Own Brands

You can find a great selection of different brands in your local Thrifty Foods store, including famous names like Heinz, Carnation, Ben's, Nestle, Old Spice, Tide, and Campbell's. In addition, Thrifty Foods shoppers also get access to certain brands that aren’t found in many other stores, like the Compliments range. Compliments-branded products are high quality and affordable, ideal for the average Canadian family. You’ll also find Compliments Organic products, as well as an ever-expanding Compliments Gluten-Free selection.

Sunday Shopping

Planning a grocery trip this Sunday? If you want to do some Sunday shopping at Thrifty Foods, you’re in luck, as this chain’s stores are usually open on Sundays without fail, from early in the morning through to late in the afternoon, giving you plenty of time to roam around the aisles and find your favorite products for the week ahead. However, it’s important to note that Sunday opening times may vary from one store to the next, so be sure to check your store’s times via the Thrifty Foods website.


The first Thrifty Foods store opened up way back in 1977 in Victoria. Since then, this chain has grown and evolved, with more and more stores opening up as the years have gone by. Now, Thrifty Foods operates 25 stores in total, and several more are under construction and set to open in the years ahead. Thrifty Foods stores are usually large, with lots of products and additional services, like a pharmacy section and deli area.

Popular Products

So, what can you expect to buy at your local Thrifty Foods store? Well, as the name suggests, this grocery chain specializes in foods that are fairly-priced, perfect for budget-conscious shoppers who want to keep their families fed without having to spend excessive amounts of money. You’ll find all of the usual grocery store essentials here, including frozen foods, fresh produce, canned goods, baked goods, deli food, and more.

Opening Hours

You can usually expect Thrifty Foods stores to be open from early in the morning until late in the evening, but opening hours may vary from store to store, and opening times are also subject to change throughout the year for holidays and special events. So, before visiting your local branch of Thrifty Foods, be sure to check the chain’s website and verify the precise opening hours to avoid any disappointment.


If you’ve got grocery store experience or like the idea of working in a store like Thrifty Foods, you might like to hand in your resume. You can either do this online via the careers section of the Thrifty Foods website, or in-person at the customer service desk of your nearest Thrifty Foods location.