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Each and every week, a brand new No Frills weekly flyer comes out, featuring the latest deals, price cuts, and special offers from this popular supermarket chain. You can check out to find the latest flyers and view them online, and this is one of the easiest ways to find out about No Frills' newest savings opportunities on a wide range of products, like meat, dairy, fruit, water, and more.


If you want to be informed about the latest No Frills deals and promotions on time each week, make sure to sign up for the No Frills newsletter. You can head over to the official No Frills website and enter your email address to sign up for free. From that point on, No Frills will automatically email you the newsletter on a regular basis, providing you with useful information about new sales and promotions you won’t want to miss out on.

Weekly Promotions

No Frills markets itself as the store that "Won't Be Beat" on prices, so it's no surprise that this discount supermarket chain runs lots of regular weekly promos and deals on various products. You can find daily and weekly discounts on things like meat, frozen goods, and sweet treats in your local No Frills, and it's a good idea to take advantage of the deals that interest you each week in order to cut down the cost of your grocery bill.

PC Optimum

Since No Frills is part of the Loblaws family of supermarkets, its shoppers also have access to the PC Optimum reward program. Previously known as PC Plus, PC Optimum is a program that lets shoppers earn points as they spend in selected stores, including No Frills stores all over Canada. You can earn bonus points if you buy selected goods, and then you can spend the points you’ve accumulated to get discounts on future purchases. Download the PC Optimum app on your phone to learn even more and find out about exclusive special offers.

Own Brands

Like other grocery stores and supermarket chains, No Frills sells products from a wide range of different brands. This includes generic store bands, as well as third-party brands that are found in many other grocery store chains all around Canada’s provinces and other locations around the globe. In No Frills stores, a lot of the brands are budget-oriented to help shoppers save money. One of the main house brands that you may notice in No Frills stores is President’s Choice, or PC. Also available in Loblaws and other stores, PC products include dairy products, drinks, fresh foods, and even other household goods like cleaning products and personal care products.

Sunday Shopping

Interested in shopping at No Frills on a Sunday? Well, if you’re wondering if No Frills is open on Sundays or not, you’ll be glad to hear that, usually, these stores are open seven days a week, so they don’t close down on Sundays. However, the exact opening times and days of No Frills stores can vary, and there are lots of these stores around Canada, so it’s a good idea to check on the latest opening times via our overview page.


The latest statistics on stores in Canada show that there are in excess of 270 No Frills locations around the nation. You can find No Frills in no less than nine different Canadian provinces, and each store is slightly different, although they generally share the same products, prices, brands, and opening times. To find out accurate information about your nearest No Frills store, head to our overview page and find the closest No Frills to you from the list.

Popular Products

Since No Frills specializes in budget-friendly groceries, this is one of the best places for Canadians to shop when they need quality food at low prices. You can buy a wide range of food and drink items at No Frills, with the likes of meat, dairy, fruit, and vegetables being among the top-selling products. No Frills stores also offer other household items like toilet paper, shampoo, pet food, and so on.

Opening Hours

Want to know when No Frills is open or No Frills holiday opening times? Well, with our overview page, it’s easy to find out. Simply find your local No Frills store on the page and then view the latest information about opening times. While you’re there, you can also check out the latest No Frills flyer to find out about in-store discounts before your visit.


Since it has over 270 stores, No Frills also has a lot of employees and can offer a diverse range of professional roles, from cashiers and checkout workers to store managers and more. You can find out all about No Frills careers and job opportunities by contacting the company directly or by looking online to find out about No Frills job listings.