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Sobeys releases a weekly flyer each week, containing up-to-date information about that week's deals, discounts, and special offers. You can view the most recent Sobeys flyer here at This is a great way to find out about discounts across various products in Sobeys' stores, such as meat products, fruits and vegetables, sweet treats, and cereals. We update the site with new flyers as soon as they’re released.


Subscribing to the Sobeys newsletter is quick and easy, and it's one of the best ways to find out about new Sobeys deals and promotions. You can visit the Sobeys website and simply enter your email address to sign up to the newsletter. Then, the email will be automatically delivered to you on a weekly basis, giving you details about discounts on food, household products, and more.

Weekly Promotions

Sobeys regular runs weekly and monthly promos and deals, cutting the prices of some of its most popular products to give customers multiple ways to save. You can find out about Sobeys promos and price cuts on products like meat, fruit, vegetables, dairy, and frozen goods by viewing the most recent Sobeys flyer, or by visiting the Sobeys website.

Loyalty Programs

Sobeys stores also participate in the Scene+ loyalty program. Customers at Sobeys can sign up for this program in-store or online and start earning points. You can also obtain an exclusive Scene+ member card, link it to your Sobeys account, and enjoy unique discounts and benefits. In addition, Scene+ members get to earn points based on the money they spend and redeem those points in stores, with 1000 points giving you $10 off your next grocery bill.

Own Brands

Like other grocery stores in Canada and beyond, Sobeys has its own set of in-store private brands. The store has a history of using different brand names, such as "Our Best" in the 90s, as well as the "Our Compliments" brand. , which was later simply shortened to "Compliments" and became one of the top-selling brands in Sobeys stores. Other examples of Sobeys own brands include Big 8, which is a brand applied to soft drinks, as well as the Compliments Value range, which applies to low-cost, affordable items for shoppers on a budget. Aside from these brands, Sobeys sells a vast range of food and household goods from recognizable brands.

Sunday Shopping

Is Sobeys open on Sundays? Well, since there are over 1,500 Sobeys stores in various locations around Canada, the opening hours can vary from one store to the next. Most stores have similar opening hours and days, but it’s still important to check the specific opening days of your local store before shopping at Sobeys on a Sunday. You can find your nearest Sobeys store via our overview page and check out up-to-date information on opening hours.


As stated above, Sobeys runs over 1,500 stores across all ten of Canada's provinces, from Quebec and Ontario to Alberta and beyond. Most people in Canada are never too far away from a Sobeys location, and you can find Sobeys in and around all major cities. Head to our Sobeys overview page to find your nearest store. You can also view details about the latest Sobeys promos, and opening times at each Sobeys branch.

Popular Products

As the second largest supermarket chain in all of Canada, Sobeys has a huge number of shoppers on a daily basis and sells vast quantities of products, primarily food and drink items. Some of the best-selling products at Sobeys include meat, dairy, frozen goods, and fresh produce. A lot of shoppers also choose Sobeys for household goods like detergent, cleaning products, personal care items, cosmetics, and so on.

Opening Hours

Not sure when your local Sobeys is open? Want to find out about Sobeys holiday opening times or the opening hours at your nearest Sobeys store? You can do all of this on our overview page. Simply find your nearest Sobeys location and then click to view the store’s opening times. Opening hours are correct and up-to-date, and this is the easiest way to find out when your local Sobeys is open, as well as learning about Sobeys holiday hours and more.


Recent figures show that Sobeys is one of the top employers in Canada, with more than 120,000 employees in total around the nation. Anyone interested in working in the supermarket industry in Canada may therefore like to consider applying for a job at Sobeys. You can do this online via the Jobs or Careers section of Sobeys website. There are lots of different types of jobs at Sobeys, including store management retail, corporate, pharmacy, and distribution center jobs, and vacancies can be found throughout the year.