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Weekly Ad

Each week, a new FreshCo weekly flyer is released, providing readers with information all about the latest offers and promotions in FreshCo stores. You can find the new weekly FreshCo flyer right here at, and you can scan through it before visiting FreshCo in order to check out the latest deals. This can help you plan out which products you want to buy and how to save the most money.


Another way to find out about all the new deals and discounts at FreshCo is simply to sign up for the official FreshCo eflyer or newsletter. You can do this on the FreshCo website. Simply head to the website, find the eflyer sign-up section, and enter your email address. From that moment on, FreshCo will automatically send you their newsletter each week, giving you up-to-date details on price cuts and sales events in FreshCo stores.

Weekly Promotions

As one of Canada’s best budget-friendly grocery stores, FreshCo offers a range of promotions, special offers, and discounts every single week. Discounts can apply across all kinds of products, from snacks and candies to baking essentials, fresh produce, frozen goods, and more. Check in store to see the latest weekly promos and make the most of the deals that interest you to save money on your grocery bill.

Price Match

Another way in which FreshCo helps shoppers save money is through its Lowest Price Guaranteed "Price Match" service. What this means is that FreshCo will reduce the price of any product in store if you find it cheaper elsewhere, and it will not only match the price of any other competing supermarket, but even go lower, giving you the best possible price across the full range of products in your local FreshCo store.

Scene Membership

Another way to save money when you shop at FreshCo is to become a member of Scene+. Formerly known as Scene, Scene+ is a loyalty program that only exists in Canada and allows members to earn points as they buy tickets and concessions at certain cinemas and entertainment centers, or when spending with certain cards. You can also enjoy exclusive discounts on select FreshCo products with your Scene+ membership, and the weekly FreshCo flyer usually has at least a few Scene+ offers.

Own Brands

Like other grocery stores and supermarkets around Canada, FreshCo sells a wide range of products from all kinds of brands, including major, globally-recognizable brands like Pepsi and Nestlé, as well as other third-party brands like Butterball and Unico. The store also has its own Best Buy range, which applies to particularly cheap products like frozen goods, snacks, and so on.

Sunday Shopping

Is FreshCo open on Sundays? What are FreshCo’s weekend opening hours? These are some of the common questions that we get asked about FreshCo and other supermarket chains in Canada. So, can you shop at FreshCo on Sundays? Usually, yes. FreshCo stores are typically open on Sundays from early in the morning until relatively late in the evenings, giving shoppers many hours to roam the aisles and find what they need. You can check to see if you local FreshCo is open this Sunday on our overview page.


Recent statistics from the supermarket industry show that there are around 140 FreshCo stores in Canada. These stores can be found in various places around provinces like Ontario and British Columbia. With so many stores to choose from, it’s not always easy to know which store you should shop at. You can head to our FreshCo overview page to find out about the various FreshCo stores near you, and this is the best way to find out about FreshCo opening times, too.

Popular Products

One of the main selling points of FreshCo is the fact that this store offers deep discounts on typical supermarket products, so it's an ideal place to shop if you're looking to save money on your groceries and enjoy products like dairy, cookies, soda, canned food, and fresh meats for less. Some of the most popular products sold in FreshCo stores include frozen goods, baking essentials, fresh produce, and cheese.

Opening Hours

Want to know about when is FreshCo open or accurate FreshCo holiday opening hours? It’s always important to know when a store is open before you plan your visit to avoid wasted time and disappointment, and you can use our overview page to find out about FreshCo’s most up-to-date opening times. Simply find your nearest store via the overview page and then view the opening hours.


Together with its owner company, Sobeys, FreshCo is quite a large employer in Canada with a lot of existing jobs and new job openings appearing all the time. If you're looking for a job in the world of retail and supermarkets, you may be able to find an opening that interests you at FreshCo. Simply head to the Careers page of the official FreshCo website to find out about openings in roles like store clerks and store management.