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The weekly Co-op Food flyer is the best source of information to help you quickly and easily find out about new deals and discounts in Co-op Food stores. Flyers are released on a regular basis and provide up-to-date information about promos and special offers, and you can view all of the latest active flyers right here at Simply click on the flyer to view it, and scroll through the pages to view all of the fun deals and exciting offers you can enjoy at Co-op Food.


Another clever way to keep up-to-date and informed about new Co-op Food deals and price cuts is to sign up for Co-op Food’s email newsletter. This is easily done over on the Co-op Food website, and you just have to provide your email address to get started. Once you’ve agreed to receive the emails, Co-op Food will automatically send you messages direct to your inbox, containing information about deals and special offers in-store.

Weekly Promotions

Co-op Food is always giving shoppers ways to save money, and you can find a wide selection of interesting weekly deals and discounts in your local store. Each week, you may find deals like price cuts on selected products, special offers if you buy in bulk, or even Buy One, Get One Free offers. These offers can apply all throughout the Co-op Food store, covering fruit, vegetables, dairy, frozen goods, snacks, and so much more. You can use the Co-op Food weekly flyer to learn about recent deals.

Holiday Sales

Another amazing way to save money on grocery produces like fresh produce, meat items, dairy products, and frozen goods at Co-op Food is to visit your local store during holiday periods, like around New Year or Christmas. Co-op Food hosts special offers all year long, but this store tends to celebrate the most special times of year with even bigger discounts and even more exciting offers, so it’s one of the best places to shop for holiday treats. Again, you can use the Co-op Food flyer or read the Co-op Table magazine to learn more.

Own Brands

If you walk into your local Co-op Food store, you’ll find a wide range of popular branded goods to choose from. You can find the likes of Kraft salad dressings, for example, Quaker cereals, Nature Valley protein bars, Lipton tea, Campbell's soup, and so on. There are dozens of famous brands available in these stores, and Co-op Food does a great job of offering the widest possible range of goods to its customers. As well as offering products from various famous brands, Co-op Food also has some of its own branded goods for shoppers to peruse. There are two main Co-op Food own brands for shoppers to be aware of: Co-operative and Co-op Gold. The Co-operative brand label can apply on everyday items at affordable prices, like coffee, while Co-op Gold is used for quality products sourced and sold by Co-op Food, like cheese and pasta.

Sunday Shopping

Is Co-op Food open on Sundays? With over 160 different co-operative associations owned and operated by the Co-op, there are lots of stores to choose from, and the exact opening times at each store can vary depending on its location and the time of year. If you’re not sure about whether or not your local Co-op Food is open on Sunday, you can use our overview page to view up-to-date opening times information.


As stated above, Co-op Food has quite a lot of stores in various areas around Canada, from relatively small neighbourhood stores to larger options with more products. You can expect to find the same general product range and prices in each store, but opening times can vary from one branch to the next. If you’d like to learn more about your local store or find out where your nearest store is situated, just use our overview page.

Popular Products

So, what kind of things can one buy at Co-op Food, and what are some of this store's best-selling products? Well, as a grocery store chain, Co-op Food specializes in offering a wide range of everyday food and drink items to fill your kitchen. You can buy fresh produce here, like fruits and veggies, as well as essentials like breakfast cereal, condiments, pasta, rice, canned goods, fruit juice, baking ingredients, and much, much more.

Opening Hours

Not sure when your local Co-op Food is open? If that’s the case, you can use our overview page to find out. Simply head over to the overview page to track down your nearest Co-op Food store and view its opening times. While on the site, you can also check out the latest Co-op Food flyers to see what items you might like to buy the next time you visit.


Just like any other supermarket chain, Co-op Food employs a lot of people in many different roles, from store clerks and cashiers to management teams, delivery drivers, logistics workers, and so on. There are always job opportunities available at Co-op Food, and you can find out all about them on the official Co-op website.