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T&T Supermarket discount tips

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T&T Supermarket regularly releases new flyers to show off to its customers and let people know about deals and discounts they can expect to find in their local store. The flyer is a super way to find out about the best things you might like to buy at T&T Supermarket, and it’s really useful for people who want to get the best value for money in their grocery shopping. You can find the latest T&T Supermarket flyers available here at 1flyers.com, or in-store.


If you want to hear about new T&T Supermarket deals and discounts as soon as they're released, we recommend signing up for T&T Supermarket's newsletter. Like many other major retailers and grocery store chains, T&T Supermarket regularly sends out promotional emails to its customers, keeping everyone informed and up-to-date about new sales events, product launches, and special offers. Again, this is a super way to learn about the best things to buy and great ways to save money when you shop at T&T Supermarket.

Weekly Promotions

Like so many other grocery store chains across Canada and beyond, T&T Supermarket runs plenty of weekly promos, cutting the costs of a range of different products. And since this supermarket specializes in Asian foods, you can expect to find weekly T&T Supermarket discounts on items like rice, noodles, fruits, vegetables, cooking ingredients, and so much more. You can find out about T&T Supermarket’s weekly deals via the flyer or on the store’s official website.

Rewards Program

Another great way to save at T&T Supermarket is to participate in the store’s very own rewards program. Known as T&T Rewards, this loyalty program allows you to earn 20 reward points for every $20 you spend. You can get a big welcome bonus for signing up, access exclusive member coupons, and use your reward points to cut down the cost of your future grocery bills. It’s a great program, perfect for people who like to shop at T&T Supermarket on a regular basis, and you can sign up either online or in-store.

Holiday Sales

T&T Supermarket is one of the best places to shop around special holiday periods like Christmas and New Year, as this store runs some of the most enticing holiday deals and special offers. You can enjoy mega discounts on a wide range of goods when you shop at T&T Supermarket around special occasions, but you’ll have to act fast, as many of the special offers are time-limited and may only last for a couple of days or less. Check out the T&T Supermarket’s latest flyer to learn about any upcoming or current promotions.

Own Brands

As a specialist Asian supermarket chain, T&T Supermarket stocks and sells products from a wide range of leading Asian brands and providers. You can find many major Asian brands in-store, but you might want to know if T&T Supermarket has any of its own brands? Well, in 2012, T&T Supermarket launched its own T&T range. The T&T label can be found on various products, from sweet treats like cakes and pastries to green tea infusions and cooking sauces.

Sunday Shopping

We often have people asking questions like “Does T&T Supermarket open on Sundays?” Like most other major grocery stores around Canada, T&T Supermarket is usually open on Sundays, but this may depend on the time of the year, and opening hours can vary from store to store, which is why it’s wise to user our overview page for T&T Supermarket to find your nearest store and view accurate opening hour information.


There are currently over 25 T&T Supermarket locations, ranging in size from the smaller stores of around 35,000 square feet all the way up to the mega stores that exceed 70,000 square feet in size. You can also find small T&T Supermarket departments in other supermarkets, and many of the biggest T&T Supermarket stores have their own bakeries, delis, and sushi stations. Not sure about your nearest store? You can use our overview page to find your local T&T Supermarket and learn about its latest opening hours.

Popular Products

T&T Supermarket specializes in Asian groceries, so you can expect to find all kinds of Asian products when you shop here. This includes the likes of ingredients like fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, spices, marinades, and cooking sauces, as well as everyday items like green tea, ice cream, dim sum, frozen meals, and snacks. Some of the most popular products people buy from T&T Supermarket include the prepared dishes, like Chinese barbecue ribs or fried noodles.

Opening Hours

Want to find out about T&T Supermarket opening hours at your local store? If so, you can use our overview page. The overview page shows you the opening times for your nearest store, and it’s a useful resource to turn to if you’re not sure about what specific time or day of the week your local T&T is open.


With so many large stores, T&T Supermarket has to employ quite a lot of people, and there are usually a lot of job opportunities available with this grocery store chain. People with different abilities and experience levels can work at T&T, and you can find out about recent job openings by heading to the careers page on the T&T Supermarket website.