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Weekly Ad

On a regular basis, Bulk Barn releases a small brochure or flyer, detailing interesting promos, special offers, and low prices throughout its store. So, if you’re preparing to buy some groceries or planning a trip to Bulk Barn, it can be a good idea to browse through the latest flyer and see what kind of offers are available at the moment. You can find the latest flyer for Bulk Barn right here at 1flyers.com, and this page is regularly updated with new flyers, just as soon as they get released, so you won’t miss a thing as long as you check back regularly.


Another way to find out about all the new deals and discounts at Bulk Barn is to sign up for the store’s newsletter. You can do this on the Bulk Barn website, and it’s really simple to sign up; all you have to do is provide your email address and click to confirm that you’re happy to receive the newsletter. Once you’ve signed up, Bulk Barn will start emailing you their official newsletter on a regular basis, letting you find out about new promos and price cuts before other shoppers, and potentially helping you save a lot of money over the course of the year.

Weekly Promotions

Just like so many other supermarkets all over Canada, Bulk Barn has lots of different in-store deals and special offers each week, giving customers various ways to save on their usual grocery purchases. These discounts may apply to all kinds of items, from the fresh produce section to the dairy aisle, and there are new offers and price cuts every single week, so you can come back again and again to keep on saving money. Check out the Bulk Barn flyer or website to stay informed about new weekly promos.

Bulk Buy

As the name of the store suggests, Bulk Barn gives shoppers the chance to buy grocery products and household items in bulk quantities, and this is actually one of the best ways to save when you shop in this store. If you buy items, like milk or soda, for example, in larger quantities, you’ll usually get a better price at Bulk Barn than you would if you were to purchase those same items individually at other grocery stores. So, if you have some storage space at home and want to save money on your grocery bill at Bulk Barn, it’s a great idea to start buying items in bulk.

Own Brands

Like other grocery stores and supermarkets, Bulk Barn offers lots of different products from a broad selection of brands. You can find many brands here that you should be familiar with from other stores, as well as Bulk Brand’s very own house brand products, marked with the Bulk Brand name and logo. You can Bulk Brand’s own goods all over the store, and they’re often some of the cheapest items to buy.

Sunday Shopping

Not sure if Bulk Barn is open for Sunday shopping? Usually, like most other grocery stores in Canada, Bulk Barn locations tend to be open on Sundays and almost every other day of the year, too. However, store opening dates can vary depending on their location and the time of the year, so it’s always a good idea to confirm your local store is open before you drive out to visit it. You can check your local store’s Sunday opening times on our overview page for Bulk Barn.


The latest figures show that Bulk Barn has no less than 230 stores all over Canada in various provinces, so you're never too far away from a Bulk Barn branch. However, if you're a new area or haven't shopped at Bulk Barn before, you might not know exactly where your nearest store is situated. Use our Bulk Barn to find your local store and view detailed information about its opening times.

Popular Products

As a leading grocery store chain, Bulk Barn primarily sells groceries, such as food and drink. You can find dairy products, fresh produce, canned goods, and more in Bulk Barn stores. These stores are also quite famous for their candy sections, where shoppers can fill boxes and bags with their favorite sweet treats like chocolates and gummy bears.

Opening Hours

Want to know when Bulk Barn is open near you? As previously mentioned, the specific opening times for Bulk Barn locations may vary, so it’s always important to verify when your nearest branch is open to avoid wasted time and disappointment. You can use our overview page to find out all you need to know about Bulk Barn’s opening hours all year long.


If you’re interested in a job in the supermarket industry, Bulk Barn is an employer that you might like to check out. With over 200 stores, Bulk Barn employs thousands of Canadians in a wide range of roles, and there are always vacancies available around the nation. You can view the Bulk Barn website and head to the Jobs/Careers page to find out about new opportunities, or just contact your local store to see if they have any openings.