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Stay updated on amazing deals and special offers at Bouclair, your go-to home decor and furniture store in Canada, by keeping an eye out for the latest Bouclair flyers and ads. You'll find them right here on Whenever Bouclair releases a new flyer, we promptly upload it to this page. This way, you can conveniently browse through all the top deals and discounts on furniture, pillows, rugs, lighting, decor items, and more, all from the comfort of your computer, phone, or any device you prefer.


Another way to ensure you don't miss out on exclusive deals and promotions from Bouclair is by subscribing to the store’s official email newsletter. Visit the Bouclair website and enter your email address to stay in the loop. Once you've signed up, you'll receive direct messages in your inbox about significant price reductions, limited-time offers, and special deals on everything from stylish furniture to cozy pillows and captivating decor items.

Weekly Promotions

Just like many other super home decor stores in Canada, Bouclair regularly cuts prices on a wide range of products throughout its brick-and-mortar locations and its online store. This brand is 100% dedicated to finding fresh ways to help you save money, and they regularly reveal amazing offers that you'll definitely want to check out. Take a look at the latest flyer, head over to the Bouclair website, or stop by at a Bouclair store near you to discover the most recent promotions on furniture, rugs, lighting, and more.

Social Media

Another great way to potentially make a saving when you shop at Bouclair is to follow them on social media. Why? Well, Bouclair has accounts on all the big social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes, the brand uses those social media profiles to share news about upcoming sales events or exclusive, time-limited price drops on highly desirable items. Following Bouclair on Facebook and more is therefore a smart and simple way to stay updated on deals and discounts.

Holiday Sales

One of the best things about Bouclair is how well it celebrates holidays and special occasions. Whenever a big festive occasion comes along, like Black Friday, New Year, or Christmas, you can count on this store to cut the prices of many of its most popular items. Curtains, rugs, lamps, and furniture are all included in the fun of a Bouclair holiday sale, so make sure to check a store near you or visit the Bouclair website when the festive season rolls around.

Sunday Shopping

For those looking to do their shopping on Sundays and elevate their home decor before the new week begins, you'll be happy to hear that Bouclair stores are usually open and ready to serve you on Sundays, as well as Saturdays and every other day of the week. Typically, Bouclair stores tend to open around 11am on Sundays and will usually close around 5 pm, but those times can vary from location to location, so it's best to check the details of your nearest store on the Bouclair website.


The story of Bouclair goes all the way back to 1970, when the first store opened its doors as a simple fabric and sewing business. Since then, Bouclair has evolved in a big way to become a leading name in home decor, with stores in Quebec, Ontario, Western Canada, and Atlantic Canada. There are over 50 stores in total bearing the Bouclair name, and you can find out all about your nearest location by clicking on the Store Locator tool on the brand’s website.

Popular Products

As a leading home decor and furniture store, Bouclair has a super selection of desirable products to offer. Some of the most popular products from this brand include stylish furniture, cozy pillows, elegant rugs, captivating lighting solutions, and unique decor items to enhance your living space. But there's much more to explore in the extensive Bouclair catalog, including curtain panels, wall art, and bedding to transform your home into a haven of comfort and style.

Opening Hours

In terms of opening hours, you can count on Bouclair stores being open from around 10am most days through to 6, 7, or 8pm. Hours vary depending on which store you're visiting and what day of the week it happens to be. Once again, we recommend that you double-check the store's website for potential changes or variations in opening hours for your nearest branch. Just click the Store Locator tool for the latest, most up-to-date info.


If you're interested in following a career in the home decor and furniture retail sector, Bouclair could be the perfect workplace for you. Throughout the year, this brand may have various job openings available. You can submit your resume or application form directly at your nearest store or reach out online through the official Bouclair website to learn more about potential vacancies.