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Each week, you can visit the Zehrs page at 1flyers.com to see the latest Zehrs flyer. Like other retailers, Zehrs releases regular flyers to show customers information about new deals and discounts in Zehrs stores, and the flyer can be a great source of information to help you learn more about new discounts that might interest you before your next visit to a Zehrs store. Check in with this page each week to see the latest flyers.


Want to be the first to hear about Zehrs deals, discounts, and special offers? If so, the best thing to do is sign up for the Zehrs newsletter. You can do this on the official Zehrs site, by simply entering your email address and clicking on the email signup button. Once you’ve done that, Zehrs will regularly send you email updates, keeping you informed and up-to-date about new products, special offers, sales events, and so on.

Weekly Promotions

Like so many other great retailers and grocery stores across Canada, Zehrs runs a range of regular weekly deals for its customers. You can find discounts and price cuts applied to a wide range of products each and every week, including meat, dairy products, baby products, fruit and vegetables, deli products, baked goods, and more. Use the weekly flyer to find out about new promos, or simply visit your nearest store and start shopping.

PC Optimum

Loyalty and reward programs are always useful for people who want to save more, and since Zehrs is part of the Loblaws chain of stores and supermarkets, its shoppers can access the PC Optimum (formerly known as PC Plus) program to enjoy exclusive discounts and deals. It’s free and easy to sign up for PC Optimum, and you can get all sorts of unique benefits for being a member, including the ability to rack up reward points that you can then spend at Zehrs stores (or other participating retailers around Canada) to save money. Download the PC Optimum app to your mobile device to get started.

Own Brands

Zehrs sells a wide range of products from popular private brands and third-party brands that many people know and love. It also offers a selection of products labeled under its own in-house brand names, and the main house brand at Zehrs is President’s Choice, or PC. PC products can also be found in other supermarkets, like Loblaws, and the PC label applies to lots of different items like fresh food, dairy, and cleaning products, too.

Sunday Shopping

We often have questions from people like is Zehrs open on Sundays? Or what time does Zehrs open this Sunday? In general, the answer to those kinds of questions will depend on where you’re living and which Zehrs store is near to your location. Most Zehrs stores are open on Sundays, but opening times may vary between one store and the next. You can use our overview page to find out all about the latest Zehrs store opening times.


Zehrs is a relatively small supermarket chain in Canada when compared to some of the other big brands out there, but it still has over 40 distinct locations all around southern Ontario. You can find Zehrs stores in and around cities like Cambridge, Waterloo, Guelph, Kitchener, Brantford, Barrie, and Kingsville, but with so many stores, you might not know where your nearest Zehrs is located. To find out, simply visit our overview page and search for your closest Zehrs.

Popular Products

Zehrs is primarily a grocery store, so the most popular products to buy in this place are food and drink items. You can find meat products, baked goods, dairy and eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, sweet treats, frozen goods, and more at your local Zehrs. These stores also stock and sell various household essentials like laundry detergent, fabric softener, toilet paper, and personal care products.

Opening Hours

Unsure about the opening hours at your local Zehrs? Maybe you want to know what time exactly Zehrs opens or if your nearest Zehrs store will be open for the holidays? Either way, you can find out all you need to know about Zehrs opening times via our handy overview page. Simply head to the overview section and then look at your local Zehrs store to learn more.


Zehrs Markets can be a great place to work for anyone who wants to break into the retail or supermarket industry, and there are lots of job opportunities at Zehrs stores around Ontario. You can work in a range of positions, depending on your skills and experience, and you can find out more about Zehrs job openings by visiting the Zehrs website or contacting the company.