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Every week of the year, Rossy releases new flyers to show off its latest in-store and online discounts and deals. Reading through the Rossy flyers is a super way to stay up to date and informed on everything you need to know about this brand, and the best part is that you can always find the latest flyers right here at We scan and upload all new flyers as soon as they’re released, so you can easily read through them on your phone, computer, or other device.


Another super simple and effective way to find out all about Rossy deals and discounts is to make sure you’re signed up for the store’s email newsletter. How to do this? It's super quick and easy over on the Rossy site. Just head to the Rossy home page and scroll right down to the bottom. In the bottom right corner, you should see a little box marked "Newsletter Subscription". Just enter your email in that box and click the Subscribe button. It's as simple as that.

Weekly Promotions

One of the best things about Rossy is their stunning selection of weekly promos, which includes both in-store deals and online, web-exclusive special offers, too. So, no matter whether you choose to shop online or in-person, you can get some super discounts and mega price cuts on a huge selection of top quality products, from fashionable clothing and accessories to toys, games, puzzles for kids, electronics, entertainment products, outdoor furniture, and more.


Rossy sells a huge range of goods, and sometimes, it needs to sell off older stock in order to make space for new product arrivals. That’s where the Clearance deals come in. On a regular basis, Rossy will add older products to its Clearance catalog, with some of the biggest discounts you’ll see all year. 30, 40, 50% and more can be slashed from Clearance items, so it’s definitely worth checking out the Clearance section on the Rossy website to potentially find some super items at a fraction of their usual cost.

Own Brands

Rossy doesn't have any of its own house brands at the moment, but it does sell a very broad selection of products from some of the world's most trusted manufacturers. Some of the top brands to be featured on the Rossy website and in Rossy stores include Dove, Brentwood, Puma, Cry Babies, Charmour, Arctic Air, Nerf, Petdom, Jackfield, and Workbench. No matter whether you’re shopping for gifts, clothing, electronics, or something entirely different, you’ll find fine products and trusted brands in the Rossy catalog.

Sunday Shopping

Is Rossy open for Sunday shopping? And what time does Rossy open on Sundays? Those are just a couple of the questions we often get asked by customers who want to find out more about this particular chain. Well, we’re happy to report that Rossy stores are indeed usually open for Sunday shoppers. However, they often have limited Sunday opening times and might not open up until the afternoon, so you have to be careful and double-check your local store’s times before paying them a visit to avoid any disappointment.


The Rossy story goes all the way back to 1949, when the brand was founded by Michael Rossy. It started off small but rapidly grew, with lots of stores opening up around the Montreal area and beyond. Now, Rossy stores are situated in the provinces of Quebec, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, giving shoppers lots of different options to choose from. You can use the Store Finder tool on the Rossy website to find out more about your nearest branch, including its address and opening times.

Popular Products

Rossy can only be described as a "variety store", selling a very wide range of different items. Part of the fun of shopping at this store is that it has items to please the whole family, including toys and games for kids, clothing items for men and women, electronic gadgets, bedding sets, home decor items like rugs and mats, office supplies, wool and knitting items, outdoor living essentials, household products, and much more.

Opening Hours

When it comes to opening times, you can expect Rossy stores to usually open up mid-morning and stay open until late in the evening. However, since there are so many different Rossy stores across Canada, it’s important to note that the specific opening times may vary from one location to the next. It’s always recommended to use the Store Finder tool on the Rossy website to see exactly when your local store opens up each day.


If you're interested in a possible job at Rossy, the best thing to do is click on the Careers tab on the Rossy website. This will help you see a full list of available job openings at any time of year, and it's also the fastest and simplest way for you to send off an application for any jobs that might interest you.