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Every single week, Maxi shares a brand new flyer for its customers, showing off the best price cuts, promotional offers, and other great deals you can find in your nearest Maxi store. You can pick up these flyers in store, but it's even easier to simply head to and view each new flyer as soon as it gets released. We update this page each week with new flyers for you to browse through.


Another way to find out about all the new deals and discounts at Maxi is to sign up for the official Maxi email newsletter. You can do this on the Maxi website, and it’s quick, easy, and 100% free to sign up. Once you’ve signed up, Maxi will start emailing you the newsletter on a regular basis, giving you the chance to find out about promotions and special offers before anyone else to get a head start on other shoppers.

Weekly Promotions

Like any other popular supermarket chain across Canada and the rest of the world, Maxi runs plenty of weekly promotions, special offers, and price reductions on many different products. You might be able to get some of your favorite frozen goods cheaper than normal, for example, or obtain some premium goods for less than the usual price. Either way, you can find out about Maxi’s weekly promos on their website, via their flyer, or by visiting a Maxi store in your area.

PC Optimum

Maxi is part of the Loblaw Companies family of supermarket chains, which also includes other Canadian supermarkets like Fortinos, No Frills, Freshmart, and Zehrs. One of the best aspects of all these chains, including Maxi, is that they get exclusive access to the PC Optimum program. Formerly known as PC Plus, PC Optimum is a rewards program for Maxi shoppers that gives you the chance to earn and save bonus points that you can redeem later on for discounts and money off your grocery purchases. You can sign up for PC Optimum via the Maxi site.

Own Brands

Like other grocery stores and supermarkets, Maxi offers lots of different products from a wide family of brands, including major, global brands that everyone knows, as well as more niche brands. The company also sells its own President’s Choice, or PC, products, and the PC label can be found on dairy, meat, frozen goods, and household items.

Sunday Shopping

Not sure if Maxi is open for Sunday shopping? Well, in general, Maxi and most other supermarkets around Canada, especially those in the Loblaw family, tend to be open on Sundays. However, Sunday opening hours may vary from store to store, and Maxi might be closed on Sundays in some situations. To check for Sunday shopping at your local Maxi, simply click on our overview section and view the hours of your nearest branch.


Maxi is one of the biggest supermarket chains to be found in Quebec, with over 100 Maxi sand Maxi & Cle stores around the Province in total. Since there are so many stores to choose from, you might not know exactly where your nearest Maxi location is or when it opens. You can find out all about your closest Maxi supermarket with the help of our overview page, which also displays opening times for each store.

Popular Products

As a supermarket, Maxi mainly sells household essentials like food, drink, cleaning products, pet supplies, and baby products. You can buy a wide range of items from this store, including meat and dairy, fruits and vegetables, sweet treats, baked goods, frozen foods, and so on. Some of the best-selling items from Maxi can be found in the frozen section, and a lot of Quebec people rely on this store when shopping for household items like shampoo and toilet paper.

Opening Hours

Want to know when Maxi is open near you? As explained above, Maxi store hours are usually quite regular, and most stores have the same hours. However, the precise opening times of each Maxi store may vary depending on its location and the time of year, so it’s always a good idea to verify your store’s opening hours before you pay them a visit. You can do this with the help of our handy overview page.


If you’re interested in a job in the supermarket industry in Quebec, Maxi is a great employer to choose. At the last count, Maxi had more than 7,000 employees throughout its stores and offices, and it offers a lot of different kinds of professional positions, from cashiers and store workers to managers and HR professionals. You can visit the careers or jobs section of the Maxi website or speak with your local store to learn about job openings.