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Like so many other grocery stores and supermarkets across Canada, Super C regularly produces and releases small brochures or flyers, containing information about the store's latest discounts and deals. You can view every new flyer, the day it's released, right here at, saving you lots of time and making it quick and easy to learn more about Super C's special offers without even having to visit a store.


If you want to be informed and up-to-date regarding the latest Super C deals and promotions each week, make sure to sign up for the Super C newsletter. You can do this at the official Super C website, and it’s really quick and easy to sign up and then start receiving Super C’s emails direct to your inbox. The email newsletter, similar to the Super C flyer, is filled with information about new deals and price reductions in Super C stores near you.

Weekly Promotions

Like any other good supermarket, Super C has a range of deals for customers to enjoy every single week. Examples of Super C promos might include a discount on chicken breast or two cans of syrup for the price of one. Many new promos appear weekly, and one of the best ways to save money when you shop at Super C is to take advantage of these promotions and get high quality products for lower-than-average prices as part of your regular grocery shopping.

App Coupons

Another great way to save money when you shop at Super C is to make sure you have the mobile app downloaded to your phone or tablet. Why? Well, with the Super C mobile app, you can access exclusive coupon codes to enjoy even more great reductions in Super C stores. It’s free and easy to download the Super C app and browse through the new coupon codes each week, and you can simply show your phone’s screen with the coupon code to the cashier in-store to benefit from each reduction.

Loyalty Program

From 2023 onwards, Super C will be running its own loyalty program for shoppers. An extension of Metro’s “metro&moi” program, the new Super C program will enable frequent Super C shoppers to earn points for spending money, access exclusive deals and discounts, and benefit from unique savings opportunities.

Own Brands

So, what kinds of brands can you expect to find in a typical Super C store? Well, Super C sells a massive range of products from notable third-party and private labels from around the world. It also has its own set of in-house brands, like Econochoix for budget goods, Super C for generic products, Irresistibles for premium products, Selection, The Event Pleaser, Loeb Bakery Shoppe, and Red Grill Meats.

Sunday Shopping

Interested in shopping at Super C on a Sunday? Well, if you’re wondering if Super C is open on Sundays, we’re happy to report that these stores are almost always open on Sundays. However, they may close for special holidays or occasions, and there could be other reasons why your local store might have alternative opening hours on Sundays. So, to be sure that your store is open this Sunday, we recommend using our overview page to verify the opening times near you.


According to the latest available information, Super C currently has in excess of 100 stores all over the province of Quebec. You can find these stores in major cities like Montreal, as well as in other areas around Quebec. And with so many stores to choose from, you might not be sure about your nearest Super C location. To make things easier, use our overview section to find your nearest store and verify its opening times before you visit.

Popular Products

Super C supermarkets have thousands of products in stock, including lots of options from major brands and around 1,200 Super C-branded products, too. You can find all of your daily grocery essentials in a Super C supermarket, like meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables, baked goods, frozen foods, and so on. There’s also an extensive collection of household goods, like cleaning products and personal care supplies in Super C stores.

Opening Hours

Want to know when Super C is open? Usually, Super C stores open quite early in the morning and stay open all day, only closing their doors in the evening. However, opening times may vary depending on the day of the week or the time of the year. That’s why we always recommend using our overview page to find out the exact opening times of your local Super C store before you visit.


With more than 100 stores, Super C is one of Quebec's top employers in the retail and supermarket sector, and it offers a lot of job opportunities for local people, from entry-level cashier and clerk positions to more advanced roles in management, marketing, HR, and logistics. You can contact your local store or head online to find out about Super C jobs.