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London Drugs releases a lot of different flyers throughout the year to let customers know about various events or product collections. One flyer might tell you about the brand's festive sales event, for example, while another will focus on deals and discounts in its electronics selection. Reading through these flyers is a great way to learn all about the best buys at your local London Drugs store, and you can find all of the latest flyers right here at Just click on a flyer to open it and scroll through on your device.


If you’d like to be the first to find out about amazing London Drugs deals and special offers, you should sign up for the brand’s newsletter right now. This is super simple to do on the London Drugs website, and it’s definitely worth it, especially if you shop at London Drugs regularly and want to get the best prices on the products you love. To sign up, just head to the London Drugs home page and scroll down. Near the bottom of the page, you should see a box where you can enter your email address to sign up.

Weekly Promotions

London Drugs has so many amazing deals throughout the year, we couldn't possibly list them all. This brand is always finding new ways to pass savings on to its customers, from St. Patrick's Day discounts to festive prices around the holiday season. Every single week, you can find various products with reduced prices at London Drugs, including personal care products, electronics, toys for the kids, food products, and more. Check out the newsletter and flyers or visit the London Drugs website to see what promos are available right now.


Not only does London Drugs have great sales events throughout the year, but this store also has its own loyalty program called London Drugs. You can sign up as an LDExtras member today by downloading the store's app to your phone or visiting the London Drugs website. Once you've signed up, you'll be able to start collecting reward points that you can cash in to get money off your future purchases. Members also get birthday bonuses and other exclusive perks.

Own Brands

In terms of brands, London Drugs stores sell a wide and varied range of products from all sorts of brands. There are tech products from the likes of Sony and Apple, for example, as well as foods from Bonne Maman, health products from Revitive, laundry detergent from Tide, and so much more. London Drugs also has its own brand label which it applies to various wellness products and other items.

Sunday Shopping

Planning a Sunday shopping trip to London Drugs? Well, before you go, it's worth doing a quick search online to make sure that your nearest store is actually open. We're often asked about whether or not London Drugs stores open on Sundays, and the truth is that it depends. Most stores should be open on Sundays, but the exact opening times will vary from location to location, so be sure to verify before you go.


London Drugs has quite a long history, dating all the way back to 1945. The brand's founder, Sam Bass, opened the chain's first store in Vancouver, naming his store in honor of the English capital city of London. The brand gradually expanded and evolved over the years, eventually coming under the control of the H. Y. Louie Group and opening over 80 unique stores in places around British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. You can use the London Drugs website to figure out where your nearest store is situated.

Popular Products

So, what kinds of products can you expect to find at your local London Drugs store? Well, as a retail pharmacy, London Drugs provides all of the usual health, wellness, and personal care products you would hope to find, including medications and supplements, along with an extensive cosmetics collection. However, part of what makes this store so special is the fact that it also sells so much more, including everything from auto accessories to computers, electronics, video games, books, toys, housewares, pet supplies, and more.

Opening Hours

So, what time does London Drugs open up each day? Well, typical store opening hours for London Drugs are from around 9am to 9pm each day. However, since this brand has so many locations, it's important to note that the specific opening times for each store may vary, and opening times also tend to be different on weekends or during the holidays. Be sure to verify online and see when your store opens and closes to avoid any disappointment.


With so many stores all around Canada, London Drugs is quite a big employer and provides jobs for thousands of people. There are lots of different roles to fill in a typical London Drugs store, from cashiers to pharmacy workers and more. You can visit the Careers section of the brand’s website to find out about current vacancies and submit your application today if you’re looking for a job.