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Familiprix regularly releases a variety of flyers throughout the year to keep its valued customers informed about special offers and fantastic prices in its numerous stores. These flyers are a treasure trove of information, keeping you up-to-date on everything you need to know about Familiprix. Exploring the latest flyer is your ticket to discovering incredible deals that can save you a bundle. Stay in the loop with all the latest flyers right here at 1flyers.com.


Another great way to get the inside scoop on Familiprix's deals and discounts by subscribing to the brand’s official email newsletter. Every week, Familiprix sends out a newsletter to its many subscribers, delivering exclusive promos, info about in-store offers, and even helpful health advice. To sign up, simply enter your email address and click "Subscribe" on the Familiprix website.

Weekly Promotions

Familiprix is a store that really takes weekly promotions seriously. There are some truly amazing value deals and consistently low prices on a wide range of health and wellness products both in Familiprix stores and online. From shampoos and conditioners to weight loss drinks, facial cleansers, medications, vitamins, and more, the offers go on and on! Check out the latest newsletter and Familiprix flyer to discover all the details on the offers available right now.


Another really fun and unique way to save at Familiprix is to sign up for the store's Familiplus program. Simply put, Familiprix is a rewards program. Members get their own reward cards to use either in store or online, along with the ability to start earning and cashing in reward points for exclusive discounts and lower prices on various Familiprix goods and services. You can start your account and get 100 bonus points right away simply by activating your card. Learn more by visiting the Familiprix site and clicking on Familiplus.

Own Brands

When it comes to brands, Familiprix proudly stocks all the major health, beauty, wellness, and pharmacy brands you'd expect to find in a store like ours. We’re talking about the likes of Bon Depart, Philips, Gillette, Lindt, Biomedic, Ensure, Cascades, L'Oreal, Systane, Axe, and more. The store also has its own in-house brands, including Essentiel, which is the label for low-cost, everyday products that many Canadian families need, like diapers and tissues.

Sunday Shopping

Wondering about Familiprix's Sunday hours? Well, that’s something that a lot of curious shoppers ask us about, and we have to report that a lot of Familiprix stores are actually not open on Sundays at all. So, if you want to stock up on any health and wellness products on the weekend, you’ll need to visit your local store on Saturday, instead. You can use the Store Locator tool on the Familiprix website to verify the exact opening times for your closest location.


Familiprix is one of Canada's largest pharmacy chains, made up of around 400 pharmacies in total and with history dating back to 1977. It's one of the top 30 largest companies in Quebec, with many locations all over the province. If you’re not sure where your closest store is situated, just head to the Familiprix website and click on the Store Locator. That’ll show you exactly how to get to your closest Familiprix, as well as the exact opening times for the store.

Popular Products

What can you expect to find at your nearest Familiprix store? As a popular pharmacy chain, Familiprix offers a wide range of medications, from painkillers for headaches to allergy tablets, along with common remedies and solutions for everyday ailments and common health issues. This brand also stocks a super selection cosmetics and beauty products, including facial cleansers and makeup, along with general health and hygiene products like soap and sanitary pads.

Opening Hours

While most Familiprix stores typically open from 9 am to 8 pm most days of the week, some locations may have different opening and closing times, and the opening hours can also vary at weekends or around the holidays. To avoid any inconvenience or confusion, be sure to verify the exact hours of operation for your nearest store on the Familiprix website, where you'll find a comprehensive list of all locations.


Familiprix, with its 400 pharmacies, is a major employer in Quebec, providing numerous job opportunities for local people. If you have experience working in a drugstore or believe you have the skills to thrive at Familiprix, you might consider applying for a job with the brand. Contact your local store to inquire about available vacancies or visit the Careers section of the Familiprix website to submit your application.