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Weekly Ad

Every now and then, Winners will release a brand new flyer, brochure, or ad to show off its newest product lines or best special offers. These flyers and ads are really useful for shoppers who want to find out about great new deals and grab the best buys before they sell out. And if you want to stay informed and up-to-date on all things related to Winners, make sure to check back on this page at often. We share new flyers and ads as soon as they become available.


Another great way to learn about special offers and discounts at Winners is to make sure you're signed up for the official Winners newsletter. This is super easy to do on the Winners website. Just click on the Subscribe section, enter your name and email address in the boxes provided, as well as your postal code and language preferences. Winners will then start sending you regular email newsletter messages, complete with exclusive offers and early information about big sales events and special offers you won’t want to miss.

Weekly Promotions

Winners is famously one of the best department stores for people who want to buy high-end fashion and branded goods at lower-than-average prices. Each week, you'll find amazing deals in your local Winners store, including quality brand clothes, jewelry, footwear, and home items for anywhere from 20 to 60% less than the regular retail prices. Remember to check out the latest Winners flyers and newsletters to stay informed about these deals.

Red Sticker Deals

Looking for another great way to save big bucks when you shop at Winners? Well, one of the best ways to save at Winners is to look out for red sticker items, otherwise known as Final Clearance items. Winners employees routinely go through the store and add red 'reduced' stickers to a range of items. Look out for these stickers, as they show you the best and most attractive prices on all sorts of items.

Own Brands

Part of what makes Winners such a popular department store is the huge range of brands on offer. You won't find any own-brand products in store at Winners, as this company simply buys and sells items from other brands, but you can find some of the world's most famous fashion, accessory, beauty, and homewares brands.

Sunday Shopping

Is Winners open on Sundays? Usually, yes, these stores should be open every day of the week, which includes Sundays. In fact, Sundays at Winners can be quite busy and a lot of people enjoy shopping in these big department stores over the weekend. But, before you plan your next Sunday shopping trip, make sure to check the opening hours for your local store via our overview page.


Winners, also known as Winners Merchants, is one of Canada's leading department store chains. According to the latest figures, there are no less than 279 Winners department stores all over the country. Thanks to this, you're never too far away from a Winners, especially if you live in or around one of Canada's big cities. If you’re not too sure about your nearest Winners branch or want to find out more, use our overview page. It’ll help you find your closest Winners location, as well as letting you know about precise opening times for each store.

Popular Products

So, what kinds of products can you expect to find in a usual Winners store? Well, as a leading department store that specializes in branded goods, Winners is a great place to shop for fashionable clothing and accessories from a range of leading brands. You can also find many other kinds of items in a typical Winners store, including bedding, furniture, jewelry, and even decorative items for the home.

Opening Hours

When is Winners open? And what are Winners holiday opening hours? These are just some of the questions we are often asked about Winners opening times. Since Winners has so many stores all over Canada, the precise opening times for each store can vary depending on its location and the time of year, as some stores may have alternate hours during holiday periods like Christmas and New Year. You can use our overview page to get accurate and up-to-date info about your nearest Winners location and find out exactly what time it opens and closes every day of the week.


Working in a department store like Winners can be a really rewarding and interesting experience, and many workers at this brand start in entry-level positions and gradually work their way up into management roles over time. If you'd like to build up your career at Winners, you should check out the latest job vacancies at your nearest store. To do this, either contact your closest store directly or visit the official Winners website and find the careers section.