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Every single week of the year, Farm Boy sends out a new weekly flyer for its customers. This flyer contains lots of colorful pictures of popular Farm Boy products and information about great savings you can find in Farm Boy stores, like price cuts on fresh meat and produce, discounts on baked goods, and so on. But how do you find the latest flyer? Well, makes it easy! Just check back on this page each week to see the newest Farm Boy flyer and read through it on your device.


Want to get news and updates from your local Farm Boy store? If you want to stay informed about Farm Boy's products, promotions, and more, while also receiving fun recipes and cooking tips from the Farm Boy team, make sure to sign up for the brand's email newsletter. You can do this by going to the Farm Boy website, clicking to subscribe, and then entering your email address in the box provided.

Weekly Promotions

Farm Boy has plenty of enticing promos and great deals each and every week to please it shoppers. This can include price cuts on prepared meals or limited-time discounts on Farm Boy branded goods. To find out about these promos and save money on your next Farm Boy visit, simply read through the latest weekly flyer or check out the Farm Boy website.

Social Media

Another interesting and simple way for you to keep up to date with news and exclusive offers from Farm Boy is to follow this brand on social media. Farm Boy is active on all of the big social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, so you can find and follow the store’s accounts and see updates about new product launches, upcoming sales events, and even future store openings near you.

Own Brands

A lot of food and grocery stores sell products from a wide range of different brands, but Farm Boy does things differently. Instead of simply selling mass-produced items from lots of big-name brands, Farm Boy sells many of its very own products, designed and made by the Farm Boy team. This includes everything from Farm Boy's own fudge brownies to Farm Boy branded frozen foods and Farm Boy's famous prepared meals. In addition, this store also sells a selection of products from popular brands, including the likes of La Croix and Maple Leaf.

Sunday Shopping

Want to do some Sunday shopping at Farm Boy and stock up on great food for the week ahead? If so, you'll first want to know if Sunday shopping is even possible at Farm Boy stores. Luckily, Farm Boy locations are almost always open on Sundays, so you shouldn't have any problem finding an open store and shopping around for the products you love. Just be sure to verify the opening times before you go.


The very first Farm Boy store opened its doors in 1981. It was created by Collette and Jean-Louis Bellemare and opened up in Cornwall, Ontario, measuring just 300 square feet. The store was so popular, it moved to a 5,000 square foot location just a few years later, and the Farm Boy brand began to grow, with new products and more locations. Now, there are over 40 Farm Boy stores all around Ontario. You can use the Farm Boy website to locate your nearest store and discover its opening hours and other information.

Popular Products

Part of what makes Farm Boy such a great place to shop is the fact that this store makes and sells such a wide range of delicious, quality food. You can find all kinds of treats and nutritional items in your local Farm Boy store, including things like deli products, chips, dips, cheeses, meats, frozen foods, dairy, seafood, baked goods, and prepared foods, too. Check out the Farm Boy Products section of the Farm Boy website or visit your nearest store to find your favorite products.

Opening Hours

If you'd like to do some shopping at a Farm Boy store near you, it's a good idea to check and see what time the store opens and closes each day before you go. In general, Farm Boy stores tend to open up at 8am and close their doors at 9pm all through the week. However, the exact opening times of each store may vary from location to location so it's always a good idea to use the store locator page on Farm Boy's website before you go.


If you're interested in the idea of working at Farm Boy or have grocery store experience, you might like to apply for a job with this brand. There are often multiple job opportunities available at Farm Boy across a range of different departments, from store clerks and cashiers to senior managers and other positions. Head to the Farm Boy site and click on Careers to find out more, or speak with the manager at your local store.