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Take advantage of this Country Grocer Flyer with current offers for another 1 day days. Discover the latest Country Grocer offers and save on your purchases.

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Weekly Ad

Each and every week of the year, Country Grocer shares new flyers for its various Vancouver Island stores. These attractive and nicely-designed flyers provide lots of information about interesting deals and discounts that you can expect to find at your local Country Grocer store, as well as providing information about select products that might interest you, like high quality organic coffee beans or tasty new potato chips. You can view all of the latest Country Grocer flyers right here at


Another great way to make sure you always know about Country Grocer promos and offers is to add your email address to this store’s mailing list for its email newsletter. Signing up is a quick and simple process, and once you're on the Country Grocer mailing list, you'll start receiving regular emails from the brand, and it’s one of the most convenient ways to find out all about Country Grocer offers that you won’t want to miss out on.

Weekly Promotions

Country Grocer has always aimed to provide the best possible prices and value for local families, and each week of the year, this store cuts down the cost of various grocery items from its huge collection. You can find low-price orange juice and bottled water, for example, as well as reductions on snacks, dairy products, frozen foods, and so much more. The offers change every week, so you can visit the store again and again to get even more savings every time.


Not only does Country Grocer have its own weekly flyers, but this store also makes its very own magazine. Entitled Friends & Family, the Country Grocer magazine is filled with interesting recipes that you can try at home, as well as tips and tricks to help you shop smarter, gift ideas for your friends and family, stories about local cooks and farmers, and so much more. Reading through the Country Grocer magazine is a great way to connect with the local community, and it can also help you save some money or discover some delicious new recipes that your family will adore. You can find out all about it via the Country Grocer website.

Own Brands

So, what are some of the brands that you can find at Country Grocer, and does this store have any of its own private label brands? Well, Country Grocer mainly stocks products from well-known brands from around North America, including the likes of Coors, Aylmer, Cracker Barrel, Hardbite, Blue Diamond, Kraft, and Bassilli's Best. Country Grocer doesn't really have any of its own brands, but it teams up with local farmers to source the very best quality meats and produce.

Sunday Shopping

Sunday is often one of the best days of the week to go grocery shopping, as most families have lots of free time on Sundays and can grab all the foods and drinks they need for the week ahead. But is Country Grocer open on Sundays? Well, we're glad to report that yes, Country Grocer stores are usually open for Sunday shopping every single week of the year. Plus, the opening times on Sundays are usually the same as the rest of the week, although we recommend verifying your store's exact opening times on the Country Grocer website.


The history of Country Grocer goes back to 1984, when Wally Large and Henry Zwynenburg opened up the first Nanaimo's Food Country store. A couple of years later, a separate group of entrepreneurs set up Mr. Grocer. The two groups worked side-by-side for years, before deciding to join forces in 1997, founding the Island Independent Buying Group and later launching the Country Grocer banner. Now, Country Grocer is one of the Greater Victoria area's favorite grocery chains, with seven stores in total. You can find info about your local store via the brand’s website.

Popular Products

Country Grocer stocks and sells a wide range of grocery products that many families like to buy, including everything from breakfast cereals and fruit juices to aged cheeses, convenient frozen meals, organic coffee, and so much more. But what makes Country Grocer really special is its great range of meats and other produce sourced from local farmers around British Columbia. You can buy many different kinds of meat here to cook yourself, or enjoy Country Grocer's own prepared dishes at the deli counter, like pork shoulder roasts and sauté roaster potatoes.

Opening Hours

Want to know what time Country Grocer opens up each day? Well, most Country Grocer locations stick to the same schedule, opening at 7am and closing at 10pm each day of the week. However, the specific opening times for each store can vary slightly, which is why we recommend using the Country Grocer website and store list to find your nearest location and see exactly when it opens and closes each day.


With seven stores, Country Grocer employs quite a lot of people and makes plenty of jobs for local communities. Throughout the year, various jobs may become available with this brand, including cashier roles, jobs at the deli counter, and even store management positions. Visit your local store or use the Contact feature on the Country Grocer website to get in touch and find out about any opportunities that might be a good fit for you.