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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current deals in the Pipers flyer?

The current deals in the Pipers flyer change weekly. To discover the most recent deals, consult the latest Pipers flyer on this page. Visit our website 1flyers.com regularly to stay informed about the newest flyers and promotions.

Where can I find the latest Pipers flyer?

The most recent Pipers flyer is readily accessible on this page. Here, you'll have access to the new flyer, which is packed with all of the latest deals and promotions. Be sure to check out the Pipers flyer for this week, Pipers flyer for next week, and the Pipers flyer from last week.

How can I view the latest Pipers flyer?

You can view the latest Pipers flyer by regularly visiting this page. Here, you will find the most recent flyer, which you can browse to discover all the current deals and promotions.

Can I view the Pipers flyer online?

Yes, you can easily view the Pipers flyer online on our website 1flyers.com. Here, you can quickly and easily find the latest Pipers flyer and browse it to stay informed about all ongoing deals and promotions.

How long are the deals in the Pipers flyer valid?

The deals in the Pipers flyer are generally valid for one week. The start and end dates of the deals are mentioned in the flyer. Please note that some deals may only be valid for a few days or while supplies last. Consult the flyer to ensure you don't miss any deals.

How often are new Pipers flyers and deals released?

New Pipers flyers and deals are usually released weekly. Keep in mind that some special events or holidays may have additional flyers and deals. Be sure to visit our website regularly to stay informed about the latest flyers and deals.

How can I subscribe to the Pipers flyer?

To subscribe to the Pipers flyer, go to the Pipers page on 1flyers.com and click on the 'Subscribe' or 'Sign up for our newsletter' button. Enter your email address and follow the instructions in the confirmation email to complete your subscription. You will then receive the latest Pipers flyer and deals directly in your inbox every week.

How can I find my nearest Pipers branch?

To find your nearest Pipers branch, go to the store locator on the Pipers page of 1flyers.com. Enter your postal code or city and click on 'Search'. The nearest stores and their contact information will be displayed on the map and in the list.

Where can I find the opening hours of my local Pipers store?

You can find the opening hours of your local Pipers store on the Pipers page of 1flyers.com. Locate your nearest branch using the store locator and click on the store's name. The opening hours, contact information, and other relevant details will be displayed on the store's detail page.

Can I also find the Pipers flyer in the store?

Yes, you can usually find the Pipers flyer in the store as well. Paper copies of the latest flyer are often available at the store entrance or customer service desk. However, please note that the availability of the paper flyer may vary by store. For the most current and comprehensive overview of deals and flyers, visit our website 1flyers.com.

Can I order the Pipers deals online?

Yes, you can order the Pipers deals online. Visit the official Pipers website and select the products you want to purchase from the deals flyers. Add them to your shopping cart and complete the checkout process to take advantage of the discounts.

Are the deals and flyers valid in all Pipers branches?

The deals and flyers are generally valid in all Pipers branches. However, some deals may be limited to specific locations or online shopping. Check the flyer or the Pipers website for the validity and any restrictions of the deals.

How can I stay informed about future Pipers deals and promotions?

You can sign up for the Pipers newsletter to stay informed about future deals and promotions. Visit the Pipers website and sign up with your email address. You will receive regular updates with the latest deals, flyers, and other promotions.

How can I contact the Pipers customer service for questions about deals and flyers?

If you have questions about deals and flyers, you can contact the Pipers customer service. Visit the Pipers website and look for the contact page, where you can find the contact information and opening hours of the customer service. You can also use the live chat feature if available.

Are there any limitations on the quantity of products I can buy during a promotion?

Some promotions may have limitations on the quantity of products you can buy. These limitations are usually mentioned in the flyer or on the Pipers website. It is important to check the terms of each promotion to know if any restrictions apply.

How can I use deals from the Pipers flyer when shopping online?

To use deals from the Pipers flyer when shopping online, visit the Pipers website and search for the products from the flyer you want to purchase. Add the products to your shopping cart, and the discounts will be automatically applied during the checkout process. Make sure the deals are valid for online shopping and check the validity period of the promotion.

Pipers discount tips

Weekly Ad

If you want to save the most money on all of your future grocery bills when shopping a Pipers, it's a good idea to check out new Pipers weekly flyers as soon as they come out. The flyers tell you all about new deals you can find in Pipers stores, like price cuts on everything from eggs to frozen pizza. You can find all of the latest Pipers flyers as soon as they come out right here at 1flyers.com. Whenever new flyers get released, we upload and share them on this page, allowing you to scroll through at your leisure.


Another really simple and efficient way to save money when you shop at Pipers is to ensure that you’ve signed up for the Pipers newsletter. Each week, Pipers will email its subscribers and let everyone know about the latest discounts and deals, which could include things like a price cut on your favorite brand of cookies or some bulk buy deals on frozen foods. So, how do you sign up for the newsletter? Well, it’s super easy to do over at the official Pipers website. Just click on the Subscribe button at the top of the screen and enter your email address in the box provided.

Weekly Promotions

Like any good grocery store, Pipers is more than willing to cut down the cost of some of its products each and every week to give customers some great ways to save money. Each week, you can head into your local Pipers store or check the latest Pipers flyer and see price cuts on all kinds of products, from canned ham to candy and soda. There are lots and lots of products to save on, which is why it’s a good idea to check in with Pipers each week and see if any of your favorite groceries have been discounted.

Social Media

Looking for another way to save on groceries and household essentials when you shop at Piper? If so, you might like to update your social media accounts and start following Pipers on your favorite platforms. Pipers has accounts on all of the big sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They sometimes share info about deals, discounts, and special offers via these social media sites. So, if you follow Pipers on the platforms you use, you’ll be able to find out about these deals and view other updates before anyone else.

Own Brands

So, how about brands? What kind of brands can you expect to find in Pipers, and does this store have any of its own brands? Well, for now, Pipers doesn't have any house brands. Instead, it specializes in a great range of popular products and affordable items from a range of Canadian, American, and other international brands. Some of the best-known brands you can find in Pipers stores include Campbells, Heinz, Purity, Kraft, Frito Lay, Cadbury, and Ben's.

Sunday Shopping

Interested in buying some groceries from your local Pipers store on a Sunday? If you like the thought of doing some Sunday shopping at Pipers, you’ll be happy to hear that this Newfoundland and Labrador grocery store chain is almost always open for Sunday shoppers. However, the specific opening times of Pipers’ locations may vary, so it’s always a good idea to check online and see exactly when your local Pipers is open before you head out.


Pipers is one of the only independently owned retail businesses in Newfoundland and Labrador. The brand has been in operation for several decades already, with the first location opening in St. John's. Since then, several more Pipers' stores have opened their doors, and you can find out more about your local branch with a simple online search. This will help you find out exactly when your local Pipers opens up, as well as finding its exact address and store contact details, if you need them.

Popular Products

So, what kinds of things can you buy at Pipers? Pipers is often classed as a grocery store, thanks to the huge range of food and drinks products it sells, but it's also quite like a department store, selling clothing, household items, auto maintenance supplies, and more. You can find quite an impressive range of products in a typical Pipers location, making it a great place to shop for all of your home needs.

Opening Hours

Not sure about the opening times for your local Pipers? Well, in general, these stores usually stay open from 9am through to 9.30pm each day of the week. However, store opening hours can vary and may be a little different on Sundays or during the holidays, so make sure to verify the opening times online before you go.


If you like the idea of working in a classic Newfoundland and Labrador business, a job at Pipers might interest you. Various jobs become available throughout the year, and Pipers is always looking for ambitious and talented people to join the team. If you’re interested in applying, contact your local store or search for Pipers job opportunities online.