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Like other grocery stores across Canada, Co-op Atlantic regularly produces flyers, ads, and other promotional materials to keep customers informed about exciting deals and big discounts from their local store. You can read through the latest flyers right here at, as we upload and share new flyers from this chain as soon as they're released. This is one the quickest and easiest ways to learn about great deals and super special offers from a Co-op Atlantic location near you.


Another easy way to find out about Co-op Atlantic news and discounts is to sign yourself up for the email newsletter from this store. Like lots of other grocery store chains, Co-op Atlantic likes to keep its most loyal customers informed about exciting deals and promos via email. Once you've given the brand your email address and signed up to the newsletter, you'll start receiving regular emails to let you know about the latest price cuts from Co-op Atlantic. It’s a great way to stay informed about the brand’s activities, helping you plan out your grocery shopping to save the most money.

Weekly Promotions

There are so many grocery store chains in Canada, and one of the ways that they try to compete with one another is by offering great weekly promos and special offers. Co-op Atlantic is no different. Just like so many other brands, Co-op Atlantic regularly cuts the cost of various products in its stores, which can include anything from canned foods to frozen foods, baked goods, fresh fruit, and more. Deals can vary every single week, which is why it’s worth checking out the latest Co-op Atlantic flyer at your earliest convenience.

Holiday Sales

Co-op Atlantic runs lots of fun sales throughout the year and is always giving shoppers new ways to save money. However, this brand’s deals and discounts really go into overdrive during special holiday periods, like Christmas and New Year. Around these times of year, Co-op Atlantic offers the absolute lowest prices across a wide range of products and also sells exclusive festive treats that you might not be able to find at any other time of year. So, when the holiday season comes along, make sure to pay a visit to your local Co-op Atlantic store.

Own Brands

So, what kinds of brands can you expect to see at your local Co-op Atlantic? Well, since this is a grocery store chain, it’s no surprise that Co-op Atlantic stocks and sells products from all of the usual brands that we expect to find in our local supermarkets. You’ll find plenty of products from big name brands like Heinz, Kellogg’s, Campbell’s, Kraft, and so on. Co-op Atlantic doesn’t really have any of its own brands, although you can find the Compliments range of products in former Co-op Atlantic stores that have since been rebranded under the Sobeys banner.

Sunday Shopping

Want to grab some groceries this Sunday? Well, if you’re planning any kind of Sunday shopping trip to Co-op Atlantic, you’re in luck, as this brand’s stores are always open on Sundays. The only reason a Co-op Atlantic store might not be open for Sunday shopping is due to some sort of unexpected closure or a technical problem at the store itself. However, specific opening times for Sunday shopping at Co-op Atlantic may vary from store to store, so make sure you check on your store’s opening hours before you visit.


Co-op Atlantic is one of the oldest grocery store brands in all of Canada, with history dating all the way back to 1927. It was founded in Moncton, New Brunswick as a small co-operative for local farmers. As time went by, the Co-op Atlantic name grew bigger, with many more stores and grocery distribution centers all over Canada. However, in 2015, a large part of the Co-op Atlantic grocery brand was sold off to Sobeys, and many Co-op Atlantic have since been rebranded as Sobeys locations. However, there are still some Co-op Atlantic locations left. You can search online to see if there’s a store near you.

Popular Products

Co-op Atlantic has always been dedicated to providing good quality local produce to Canadian shoppers, and the store has continued that mission right up to today. So, when you step into a Co-op Atlantic store, you should find a great range of Canadian products sourced from local farms and businesses, like fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats. In addition, Co-op Atlantic stores also sell of the usual grocery products that a typical family needs, from sweet treats like cookies and cakes to easy-to-prepare frozen foods.

Opening Hours

Want to know when your local Co-op Atlantic is open? Well, since the Sobeys takeover, it has been hard for some shoppers to figure out the specific opening hours for their local store due to various changes in operations. Luckily, most Co-op Atlantic stores are open from early in the morning through to the evening, and you can search online to see exactly when your nearest store opens and closes each day.


If you have any experience in the world of grocery stores or would like to be a part of the Co-op Atlantic family, you might like to apply for a job with this company. Various positions may be available throughout the year, from cashier roles to store management positions. Contact your local store to learn more.