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Weekly Ad

If you want to save the most money and get the very best deals every time you shop at Coleman’s, make sure to check out the latest Coleman’s weekly flyer, right here at Each week, Coleman’s shares a brand new flyer, complete with interesting information about unique deals and discounts you can only find in Coleman’s stores. Scan through the most recent flyer here to plan your next grocery trip.


Coleman’s makes it easy for shoppers to stay in the loop about new promos and special offers via the Coleman’s email newsletter. On the Coleman’s website, you can enter your address and set yourself up to receive the newsletter to your inbox on a regular basis. Just like the weekly flyer, Coleman’s newsletter will keep you informed about exclusive deals, discounts, product launches, sales events, and other interesting information from your nearest store.

Weekly Promotions

Coleman’s has made a lot of customers happy over the years with its incredible discounts and price cuts. Each week and month, this store selects a range of great products and cuts their prices down to size, giving you lots of great ways to save on all of your favorite grocery supplies and household essentials. Want to learn about Coleman’s special offers and promos? Simply visit the Coleman’s website, head to a store near you, or scroll through the latest flyer.

Hot Deals

If you want to save big bucks on your next visit to Coleman's, look out for Hot Deal items. Each week, Coleman's chooses certain items to be part of its Hot Deal range. These items receive the biggest discounts of all, with major price cuts, and there are often great ways to save if you buy in bulk. For example, you might be able to purchase multiple packs of potato chips or baked goods and get a group discount on the whole lot.

Own Brands

So, what sort of brands can you expect to find at your local Coleman's store? Well, as an independent, family-run grocery store chain, Coleman's stocks and sells all of the usual items one would hope to find, with big brands on store shelves including Lays, Pearl Milling Company, Coca-Cola, General Mills, Primo, La Perla, Maple Leaf, Heinz, and Kraft. This store doesn’t have any of its own brands, but it has dozens of well-known brands from around North America and beyond.

Sunday Shopping

Is Coleman’s open on Sundays? Typically, yes, you can expect these stores to be open single every day of the week, including Sundays. However, depending on your nearest store, the opening times can vary. It’s really important to verify the store opening hours before you visit, especially if you’re planning an early morning or late evening grocery run. Make sure to check out your store’s details with the help of the official Coleman’s website.


Coleman’s is one of the many regional grocery store chains serving Canada, and this particular grocery chain can be found in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. There are plenty of Coleman’s stores all over NL in locations like St. John's, Mount Pearl, Stephenville Crossing, and Port aux Basque. You can visit the official Coleman's website to see a full list of all store locations, as well as details regarding the store phone number, opening hours, and store manager, too.

Popular Products

You’ll be able to fill up your home with all of the grocery products you need whenever you choose to shop at Coleman’s. This great grocery chain has all the basics covered, including fresh produce, dairy goods, baked goods, cereals, canned foods, frozen foods, deli meats, and plenty more. There’s something for everyone at Coleman’s including household essentials and cleaning products, too.

Opening Hours

Not sure when your nearest Coleman’s store opens its doors? Or maybe you want to know about Coleman’s holiday opening hours. In either case, since there are several Coleman’s locations all around Newfoundland and Labrador, the specific opening times for each individual store can vary. That’s why, before you visit any store, it’s a smart idea to head to the brand’s website, click on the list of stores, find your nearest branch, and confirm the opening hours.


There are lots of interesting jobs to choose from at a grocery store chain like Coleman’s, including store clerks, cashiers, managers, and more. If you have the skills, experience, and desire to work at a great grocery chain like this one, you can find out about new job opportunities and vacancies over on the brand’s official website.