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Want to find out about amazing Valu-Mart deals and exclusive discounts that could help you save huge amounts on your next grocery bill? If so, you'll want to check out the latest Valu-Mart flyer. Like various other supermarkets across Canada, Valu-Mart makes and shares flyers each and every week of the year, letting shoppers know about the latest special offers, exclusive PC optimum member discounts, great value buys, and so much more. Here at, we share new Valu-Mart flyers as soon as they come out, and you can check back in with this page each week to view the latest release.


Email newsletters are really useful when you want to be informed about interesting new deals, sales events, product lines, and other interesting information from your favorite stores. Valu-Mart has its own email newsletter that you might like to sign up to, and it's super simple to get started. Simply head over to the official Valu-Mart website and create your own online account. Once you’ve made an account, Valu-Mart will be able to email you and let you know about products and promos that might interest you.

Weekly Promotions

As the name suggests, Valu-Mart is committed to providing shoppers with the best value products. This is a great place to shop if you're looking for fair, family-friendly prices, and Valu-Mart runs a range of weekly promos and price cuts in order to make its products even more enticing to shoppers. Whether you're looking for low-price olive oil, frozen pizzas on sale, or discounts on fresh fruit and vegetables, you can find it all at Valu-Mart. Check in with your local store each week to see what offers are available.

PC Optimum

Valu-Mart is actually part of the Loblaw Companies family of supermarket chains, and if you've spent time in any Loblaws-owned store, you'll know that they all participate in the PC Optimum program. PC Optimum is a rewards program that allows users to accumulate reward points when they buy certain products and then use those points to get discounts on future purchases. Valu-Mart shoppers can partake in the PC Optimum fun and enjoy lots of exclusive deals, every single time they shop in store.

Own Brands

You'll find all of your favorite grocery store brands when you shop at Valu-Mart. This includes the likes of McCain fries, Blue Water frozen fish products, Magnum ice cream, and Post cereals. In addition, Valu-Mart also sells PC products. PC products are only available in Loblaw-owned supermarkets like this one, and they're popular with many shoppers for their impressive levels of quality and affordable prices.

Sunday Shopping

You might like to shop at Valu-Mart on a Sunday, but is Valu-Mart open on Sundays? And, if so, what are Valu-Mart's Sunday opening times? Well, Valu-Mart locations are usually open for Sunday shopping, but opening times can vary from one location to the next. This is why it’s important for shoppers to keep up-to-date with the precise opening hours of their local store to avoid arriving too early or too late. You can use our overview page to stay informed about the exact opening times for your nearest branch.


The first Valu-Mart store opened up way back in 1980, but the chain has since expanded all around Ontario. There are approximately 37 Valu-Mart locations in total, and all of them apart from one are located in Ontario. The additional store is situated in Quebec. These stores all tend to be similar in terms of size, layout, and product range, but their opening hours might vary, so check our overview page to see more details about your nearest Valu-Mart.

Popular Products

As the name implies, Valu-Mart is a great supermarket to choose if you're hoping to buy great value grocery products. You can find a wide selection of everyday essentials in this budget supermarket, including fresh fruit and vegetables, a selection of meats, frozen foods for the whole family, canned goods, bread, dairy, and more.

Opening Hours

If you want to know the exact opening times of your local Valu-Mart store, you can find all the info you need on our overview page. This should make it easier for you to see what time Valu-Mart opens and when it closes so that you can plan out your shopping trips accordingly. Don’t forget that opening times may vary at certain times of the year, like the holidays or New Year.


If you like the idea of working in a supermarket, you might like to consider a job at Valu-Mart. With dozens of locations all around Ontario, there are usually plenty of job opportunities for local people to apply for at these stores. Contact your nearest branch or take a look at the Careers tab on the Valu-Mart website for additional info.